Simple Hack Turns An Old Yogurt Lid Into An Embroidery Hoop

This hack is about to either impress or infuriate people.

See, one super clever TikTok user looked at a container of yougurt and thought, "I can hack that." At least, that's what I'm assuming @thediymommy did.

The craziest part? This hack actually works! Let's go take a look.

I mean, sure. Embroidery hoops aren't exactly expensive.

Unsplash | Lexi T

Up here in Canada, they cost about $5 for a six-inch hoop. However, not everyone wants to head out and buy a single hoop, or pay the shipping to have one sent to your house.

Enter: a yogurt container.

Unsplash | Jainath Ponnala

For this hack, you'll need a plastic yogurt container with a lid that seals all the way around the rim. You'll also need scissors and some cloth to embroider!

Let's do this.

First, cut the middle out of the yogurt lid. The larger the lid, the larger the embroidery hoop will be!

Make sure that inner rim is as nice as possible, because it's going to be the very visible border of your hoop.

Next, cut around the rim of the main container.

The important part here is that lip where the lid connects to the container. Give yourself some generous space here — don't try and cut close to that lip, or you'll ruin the whole hack.

Layer the fabric in between the two.

It helps to use a thinner fabric for this one. If you're opting for thick canvas, the two parts won't connect properly, and you'll lose any tension in your fabric.


You now have your own DIY embroidery hoop. And according to @thediymommy, the seal was pretty damn tight around the whole thing! I'm impressed, not gonna lie.

Commenters LOVED the hack.

This part! It's so much easier to cut these out once and keep them stored away for those lower stakes projects, like darning! You won't have to go to the trouble of preparing a proper hoop each time.

And yeah, it's definitely an excuse to randomly keep containers around.

Us millennials learned well from our parents and grandparents: If a container is perfectly good, why get rid of it? What if it's useful one day? What if you could turn it into an embroidery hoop? HUH?

Would you try this hack?

Unsplash | ika dam

As silly as it seems, this hack could be pretty useful for people who don't want to prepare and stretch a hoop and fabric every single time they want to embroider. I'm into it!