Tattoo Artist's Embroidery Designs Look Like They Were Stitched With A Needle And Thread

One of the most beautiful skills out there is embroidery. I think it takes a special person to create elaborate designs that look so festive and colorful. But what if you can actually fuse this art form with another?

I'm talking about tattoos that look just like embroidery designs. Say what? Yes indeed. This artist creates tattoos that look like they're been done with a needle and a thread and it's truly mind-blowing.

Fernanda Ramirez is a Mexican tattoo artist who specializes in a unique tattoo technique.

The designs look like they've been sewn into the person's skin and resemble embroidery.

Fernanda is largely inspired by Mexican motifs and then she puts her own spin on the designs she creates.

She is able to come up with such amazing results.

I've always been fascinated by embroidery and admire people who can have the patience to do such delicate work.

Seeing it in a tattoo form is quite remarkable.

When you look closely, you can totally see that Fernanda's designs look just like actual embroidery.

I dunno how she does it but I'm so blown away by it all.

The amount of detail that goes into each and every one of her designs is what truly amazes me.

I could just stare at these works of art all day.

Every design she creates is so unique and well thought out.

I wonder what creative process she uses to come up with so many amazing designs for her clients.

Embroidery-style tattoos are actually made by a cross stitch technique.

It's when you make an X throughout the design to create the appearance of small stitches just like in real embroidery.

This type of tattoo style is becoming a lot more popular and I can definitely see the appeal of it.

When done correctly and skillfully they closely resemble real embroidery.

These tattoos create the hyper-real illusion of a three-dimensional image and they look pretty much as real as you can get in tattoo form.

I'm totally digging this style.

The most important aspect of getting this type of tattoo is finding an artist who can balance the contrast of the black ink and the tattoo's outline well.

It definitely takes a pro to pull these off.

This is what actually creates the life-like embroidered illusion and that special unique effect from each thread.

Can you imagine something cute like this inked on your skin?

This style isn't for the faint of heart, so be ready to be able to sit for a while if you decide to get this type of design.

It'll totally be worth it, though!

After all, you can't exactly rush an artist when they're perfecting their work, can you?

So, you may need to suffer a little bit to end up with this.

Are you blown away by this amazing and unique tattoo technique? I sure am.

I might actually end up getting my next tattoo done just like this!

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