Get Ready For A Drink With The Girls At The Dolly Parton-Themed Rooftop Bar

To say that Dolly Parton is a living legend doesn't begin to quantify all that she's given us. Year after year and hit after hit, she has proven herself to be America's sweetheart and then some.

With summer right around the corner, and COVID-19 restrictions loosening around the globe, people are now starting to return to a sense of normalcy. And what better way is there to celebrate than a drink with the girls at the Dolly Parton-themed rooftop bar?

Dolly Parton is more than just a country music star — she's an American icon.

Dolly Parton is one of the most revered and beloved artists in the history of music.

She has countless hits, numerous awards, as well as her own resort/theme park called Dollywood.

Last year, the Queen of country unveiled a new Dolly Parton-themed rooftop bar in Nashville, called White Limozeen.

Dolly's new bar is located on the rooftop of the Graduate Hotel in Nashville.

This larger-than-life watering hole is an ode to everything Dolly. It's big, boisterous, and adorned in pink.

Bar operator Marc Rose told *USA Today* that White Limozeen is all about good times.

“We wanted it to feel really approachable and really feasible for everyone to be there," Marc explained.

He goes on to say that the staff wants "everyone to have a good time, whether you're drinking a can of Natty Light, or you're ordering caviar.”

“And if you order that caviar, we expect you to spill it on your shirt because you're having such a good time.”

Which, to be honest, sounds like an easy promise I can make.

Am I right, or am I right?

The name, White Limozeen, is taken from the title of one of Dolly's most celebrated albums.

Dolly's album, as well as the title song "White Limozeen", tells the story of a country girl who goes from living a humble existence, to all of a sudden being surrounded by all the trappings of wealth and excess.

Graduate Hotels President David Rochefort told USA Today:

“We just generally felt that a lot of hotels are starting to...really look a lot like each other...We wanted to be totally different.”

But trying to navigate things during a pandemic hasn't been easy.

"It's very difficult to open a restaurant as-is, and to open it during a pandemic and other things that are going on in the world right now and such a call for change in so many different ways, it's definitely not the easiest thing, and we're aware of that," Rose said.

That being said, they will be making sure they stick to CDC guidelines so they can operate safely.

There will be sanitation stations, wipes, gloves, and everything will be regularly sanitized.

Guests will also have to respect social distancing.

This is essential so they can still open, but provide a safe and fun space for their guests.

After all, they do need to make money, so opening up is essential but if they don't do it safely, they risk being shut down completely.

Rochefort continued by saying:

"Obviously, we were hoping to open sooner, but we've been so anxious and excited to be able to provide some positivity and excitement given everything going on,"

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