10+ Times Dolly Parton Showed The World How Iconic She Is

For the last 50-plus years, Dolly Parton has been one of the most influential, important, and revered artists on the planet. She's not just a hero, she's a living icon.

So as a way of celebrating the proverbial living legend that she is, here are 10+ Dolly Parton moments proving just how iconic she is.

The time that she made a vibrator joke at the Emmy's.

Just as she was walking off the stage with Grace and Frankie co-stars Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda, Dolly slyly remarked how much she hoped to find a Vybrant vibrator in her swag bag.

When she created the Imagination Library

Dolly's Imagination Library is a social program that gifts free books to millions of children all over the globe.

From zero to age five, children can receive new high-quality books mailed to their homes at absolutely no charge.

The time she revealed who her iconic look was modelled after.

Last year, Dolly sat down to complete the Wired Autocorrect Interview. When the questions shifted to the topic of her looks, Dolly revealed that as a young girl she aspired to look like the "town tramp."

When she savagely shut down her husband's request for a threesome with Jennifer Aniston.

As Dolly hilariously explained during an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, "He can't even get it up to pee, let alone get it up for three."

The time she shut down political rumors.

During an interview with Ross King, Dolly was asked if she ever entertained the idea of running for office.

She laughed off the question and quickly replied "I think we've had enough boobs in the White House."

When she help fund a vaccine for COVID-19.

Dolly played a pivotal role in the research aspects and distribution of the Moderna vaccine.

The country music star donated a whopping $1 million to help fund the creation of the drug.

The time she asked for a drink of moonshine on live TV.

It happened right after Dolly was shown an old family video of herself performing alongside her parents.

When the host asked her if she needed something to drink, Dolly replied by saying that whiskey would be much appreciated.

When she recently filmed herself getting vaccinated.

Not only was Dolly brave enough to share her vaccination with her legion of followers, she even sang a clever COVID-inspired remix of her mega-hit song, "Jolene."

If I'm being honest, it's actually pretty catchy.

The time that she gave back to the birds.

Eagle Mountain Sanctuary has been a part of Dollywood for years.

It boasts more than 30,000 square feet of aviary space and to date is the largest aerie of unreleased bald eagles in America.

When she helped provide aid to those affected by the Great Smoky Mountains wildfire.

In 2016, fires swept across the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee, destroying over 2000 homes and causing an estimated $2 billion worth of damage.

Dolly's My People Fund gave every affected family $1000 a month for six months. She also created a scholarship that gave every single affected student $4500.

The time that she gave the youth of America some valuable life advice.

Dolly was once asked by a young fan to bestow some advice upon the teenage American youth.

In true Dolly fashion, she replied "Act like it's raining every day and wear your rubbers."

When she spoke of for the BLM movement.

Dolly doesn't hesitate to speak her mind and she's always stood up for what she believes to be true.

In the midst of the Black Lives Matter protests, she expressed her full support proclaiming "Of course Black lives matter!"

When she made a totally inappropriate *Muppets* reference.

First, let me say that this entire 9 to 5 gag reel is worth the watch, but the highlight unquestionably is when Dolly is in the locker room.

It's a little too NSFW to repeat, but you can watch it yourself at the 4:36 mark

The time she showed the world her social media savvy.

I actually laughed pretty hard when I read this for the first time. Kudos to Dolly for crafting a truly excellent and timeless meme.

That sweater is pretty dapper. I'm not sure if I could pull off the pink, though.

When she became a World Record holder.

Dolly holds the Guinness World Record for the "Most Hits on a U.S. Hot Country Songs Chart (Female Artist)."

She also holds the record for having spent the "Most Consecutive Decades on a Hot Country Songs Chart."