Dolly Parton's Strawberry Pretzel Pie Ice Cream Is Selling For Over $1000 Online

Dolly Parton can do anything. She can sing, she can act, she can help fund the coronavirus vaccine, she can provide books to children all over the country, and now you're telling me she can make an incredibly successful ice cream flavor too?

We're all lucky to be alive at the same time as Dolly Parton, but not everyone was lucky enough to get their hands on that ice cream!

Dolly Parton is a true legend.

You can't tell me you don't belt along to 'Jolene' or '9 To 5' or 'I Will Always Love You' or 'Islands In The Stream' whenever they come on, because everyone does.

The only thing that could improve listening to a Dolly song would be eating ice cream made by Dolly herself!

Dolly tried to make that dream a reality by teaming up with Jen's Ice Cream to launch her own flavor — Strawberry Pretezel Pie!

"I’ve teamed up with @JenisIceCreams to create my very own flavor in support of @imaginationlibrary! Strawberry Pretzel Pie is available at Jeni’s April 8," she wrote on Instagram.

If you thought it would sell out quick, you were right!

The flavor was so popular, the amount of people trying to order it even crashed the website!

Apparently people were pretty desperate to get their hands on that ice cream, because more than one eBay listing popped up selling a pint of the ice cream for $1000, plus shipping!

Now that really is one way to make a living!

What do you think?

Would you be willing to shell out a grand for Dolly Parton's ice cream, or were you lucky enough to get your hands on your very own pint? Let us know in the comments below!