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People Share The Worst Things They've Ever Seen At A Wedding

No matter how much planning you put into a wedding, mishaps can still happen.

It could be small, like a ripped dress. Or something big, like the mother-in-law refusing to give her blessing. Some wives even discovered their new husbands cheating on them!

Here, people share the worst things they've ever seen at a wedding.

"When my uncle got married, the best man dropped the ring."


"In the dead silence of the church, you could hear it ‘ting ting ting’ as it bounced along the floor, followed by one of the groomsmen stage whispering “Jesus Christ” loud enough for everyone to hear." - Redditor ink_monkey96

A rollar skate wedding.

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Cue the injuries!

This Redditor shared that the bride ended up in the hospital since she fell down and hit her head. Things got so bad that she had to relearn how to walk again.

A poor choice of wedding song.


"I walked by an outdoor wedding in which the bride walked in to "Maneater" and the groom walked in to "Gold Digger". Either the whole family has a great sense of humour or the marriage is doomed." - Redditor GKrollin

A Spotify playlist for the music.

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Now, this isn't unusual. A lot of people use a Spotify wedding playlist in lieu of hiring a DJ.

But this Redditor found it extremely tacky that the couple didn't have Spotify premium. Cue the awkward commercials between songs!

A wedding proposal... during a wedding.

The reactions to this are very mixed. While some think it's romantic to propose during someone else's wedding, some think it's extremely rude and selfish. This person views it as the latter.

Jokes during the ceremony.

"The minister was doing their speech during the ceremony and asked, rhetorically, 'What is love?' 'Baby don't hurt me' was muttered by several groomsmen, who all started cracking up." - Redditor deleted

The mother-in-law refusing to give her blessing.

This is beyond awkward. When this Redditor was at a wedding and the pastor mentioned family and friends giving their blessing, the MIL stood up and announced their objection.

An awkward speech from the maid-of-honour.

"At my wedding, the maid of honor gave a 15 minute speech that did nothing but reference her breakup, and then me and my wife’s prior relationships in gruesome detail. Longest 15 minutes of my life. We’re no longer married..." - Redditor HackTheSystem-90

A food fight.


A wedding is probably the worst time for a food fight! Yet, this Redditor witnessed people throwing cupcakes at each other because the bride and groom smashed cupcakes in each other's faces.

A stolen wedding speech.

"The bride's two sisters recited the bridal shower speeches, word-for-word, from the movie 'Bridesmaids'. Didn't change anything, and the majority of the attendees did not get it. That was the entirety of their toast. It was completely impersonal and so awkward to experience." - Redditor Poptart47

Camouflage wedding party attire.

Do we really need to say more? There are plenty of unique wedding dresses out there, but this one takes the cake. I mean, how are you supposed to get married if no one can even see you?

No seating area to sit.

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"My uncle is very cheap and he did not order any table/chairs for the reception and none of us knew about it before so everyone just kinda awkwardly stood around and ate the food, some people sat on the floor." - Redditor Lluukkee411

The pastor talking very awkwardly about the "wedding night."

Christian couples eagerly await the wedding night since it's typically the first time they can have sex. But one pastor encouraged them to skip that and kneel and pray instead.

The bride's ex crashing the wedding.

"The bride's ex-gate crashed the wedding, snatched the garland (equivalent to ring) from the groom and tried to place it on the bride. He was thrashed by almost everyone close to the bride or the groom." - Redditor Pritesh190801

A very intense first kiss.

One husband didn't feel awkward at all about his first kiss with his wife in front of their family. Instead of giving her a peck, he went in with so much tongue. Get a room!

A drunk groomsman yelling at the wedding planner.

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"The very drunk groom screaming in the face of the wedding planner (me) because the bar ran out of Grey Goose. We wouldn't have been able to keep serving him anyway." - Redditor grandmaperm

The groom making out with his cousin at the reception.

Say whaat?!

We wish we could say people don't cheat at their weddings, but many do. We're just going to hope a lot of alcohol was involved to make that cousin kiss happen.

A cynical pastor.

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"The worst thing involved the priest's homily at my uncle's wedding. He basically said marriage doesn't last forever and not expect it to last so long. Exactly everything you wouldn't want to hear, especially from a priest." - Redditor thrillerman18

A person's sanitary napkin fell out of their dress.

This is about the time you start drinking... heavily. "Someone else just kicked it to the side so that the bride's dress didn't sweep it up," this Redditor shared. "It just sat there all night."

"What is love?"

"The minister was doing their speech during the ceremony and asked, rhetorically, "What is love?"

"Baby don't hurt me" was muttered by several groomsmen, who all started cracking up." said one user.

A bride falling off a chair

Unsplash | Victoria Priessnitz

At Jewish weddings, it's tradition for the bride and groom to be hoisted up on a chair during a dance.

Well, one bride fell off the chair and dropped to the floor, and started crying.

When the breakups show up

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"At my wedding, the maid of honor gave a 15 minute speech that did nothing but reference her breakup, and then me and my wife’s prior relationships in gruesome detail. Longest 15 minutes of my life. We’re no longer married..."

"Spouse mother being carried on shoulder by 4 boys and being launched in a river"

User starimy must have had a good laugh or a great big laugh.

Either way, I'm sure that memory is going to live with them for the rest of their lives.

"Gay male wedding in England. Registrar stands at front of the ceremony before starting the vows and for some inexplicable reason says "get your rings ready boys"."

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"Cue 30 gays bursting out in uncontrollable laughter, and the older family members at the front looking round confused and/or disapprovingly."

A bride getting beer thrown on her wedding dress.

Unsplash | BENCE BOROS

It seems that it was all in good fun and was meant to be a joke, but honestly, I can't imagine a world in which someone thought that would be a good idea.

"The bride and groom are at the altar, the minister is speaking, saying something to the effect of..."

Unsplash | Diana Polekhina

"We are here in the presence of friends and family who are all here to give this union their blessing..." to which the groom's mother stands up and says, "No, not everyone, I do not give this my blessing." It was both horrible and kind of hilarious."

Their wedding going viral.

While this might seem like a good thing, after one couple's picture went viral, for as many good comments they got from people, they also had to deal with getting terrible ones about their physical appearances.

"Our minister had to leave the bit out of our wedding about “speak now or hold your peace” because my in laws said they were going to object."

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"They had to make do with being the last ones to stand when I entered the church, ugly crying, glowering, and telling my parents how awful I was after the ceremony was over."

The groom passing out due to heatstroke.

Unsplash | Simon Hattinga Verschure

Yup, the groom passed out due to heatstroke and ended up hurting his head.

Thankfully, it wasn't bad enough for anything to go horribly wrong, but still!

"At my cousin’s wedding, one of his college friends got really drunk."

"There was this part during the after party where it was just the bride and groom dancing while everyone else stood around in a circle, but he kept pushing in and dancing with them. After about 30 seconds the best man (another one of my cousin’s college friends) finds the perfect opportunity to tackle the guy out of the circle without hitting my cousin or his wife."

When two bridesmaids copied their speech from the movie *Bridesmaids*.

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It made the entire thing deeply impersonal, which we can totally see.

Put some thought into your speeches people, it won't kill you to do!

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