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Apparently There’s A Wrong Way To Pour Cooking Oil And We’ve Been Doing It

TikTok is good for many things (inspiration, jokes, vlogs, DIY, crafts, and more), but one of the many things to come out of the platform are countless "lifehacks".

While some have been debunked and shown to be more trouble than they're worth, others have been massive time and money savers.

This brings us to a recent TikTok hack that has some of us (ahem... me...) wishing we'd thought of it ourselves.

Apparently, we've been pouring oil wrong this whole time.

chaldomom | TikTok

So you know the plastic cap you have to twist off and remove from the lid when you open your oil bottle? Apparently there's an actual use for it aside from finding it's way into the recycling bin.

You're supposed to use it to help pour the oil!

chaldomom | TikTok

By flipping the plastic piece upside down and pressing it into the opening of your oil bottle it creates a genius filter that prevents unwanted oil spills. Instead of accidentally pouring out too much oil (which happens to me literally all of the time), the oil gently streams through the "filter" in a manageable flow.

Did anyone else already know this?

chaldomom | TikTok

Now you can feel completely comfortable pouring oil into your dishes without worrying about causing too much to pour out. (Or, if you cook with forethought and use measuring cups, it can still help with unwanted overflowing!)

Did you know about this TikTok hack already? Am I the only one who's feeling silly? Let us know in the comments below!