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Man Calmly Reveals The Flaws In All Kinds Of Trending Lifehacks

Lifehacks can be super great and helpful, especially if they help make a tedious task simpler.

With the aid of social media, new hacks surface every day, providing a platform for people all over the world to share their tricks over the internet.

But with a wealth of information comes some ideas that are... let's just say, "more trouble than they're worth".

Khabane gives trending lifehacks a reality check.

Dedicating himself to debunking trending TikTok lifehacks, comedian Khabane lame gives some of the most "questionable" hacks a reality check, starting with this completely unnecessary vacuum hack. His solution? Just turn your vacuum the other way...

His walnut video puts an end to the nutcracking debate.

Even something as simple as cracking a walnut shell has been the subject of debate.

Including a head-splitting hack that made the pragmatic Khabane say "Bro I feel sorry for your forehead", TikTok is full of many not-so-effective nutcracking methods.

Taking it upon himself to point out the obvious, Khabane reminds his audience of a very useful tool: the already existing nut-cracker. Sometimes the best answer is already in your drawer.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

In another completely unnecessary hack, Khabane shows a woman trying to make bread sealing easier... by creating more steps.

Tying his own bread bag in a matter of seconds, Khabane demonstrates that sometimes, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Why not just... turn it?

Yet again proving that some "hacks" are only there for views, Khabane reacts to a video of two men trying to fit a bottle through a fence. In response, Khabane simply... turns the bottle. I've got to say, this one really made me face-palm.

No time saved, but a lot more time spent.

Another trend that's been spreading on TikTok is a unique toothpaste hack. Cutting the toothbrush in half, the hacker then drills a hole through the plastic, attaches a syringe, fills it with toothpaste, and squeezes it into the brush... Instead of taking two seconds to do it the normal way.

Lifehacks can be great, but some things are as easy as they can get.

Khabane's response to this last toilet paper hack says it all. Offering the viewer a square of paper in under a second, he once again shows that certain things absolutely do not need to be changed.

What do you think of Khabane lame's hack-hacking videos? If you like his content, see more of his humorous videos on TikTok at khaby.lame, and let us know what you think in the comments below!