TikTok User Turns 10,000 Free Paint Chip Samples From Home Depot Into A Wall Of Color

I bet Home Depot didn't see this coming.

TikTok user and musician Skylar Capri (@skylarcapri) had a pretty chaotic idea: She wanted to make an entire accent wall out of nothing but tape and paint chips.

Not only did she succeed in her vision, but she also went viral for it. Here's what happened.

Skylar went big for her project.

She posted her journey on TikTok, revealing that a super nice Home Depot employee allowed her and her friends to take 10,000 free paint chips for her DIY project.

She and her friends picked out the paint chips they needed.

The plan for the wall was to do a pink to blue gradient, fading from darker chips on the edges to lighter, white-looking chips on the inside.

The TikTok blew up.

We're talking major blow-up. Her TikTok amassed over 15-million views, with 2.7-million likes and comments galore. Her follower count quickly shot up, too — she now has over 15,000 followers!

They laid the chips down on some painter's tape.

Each chip was laid down face down on the tape, allowing for easy layering. I can't imagine just how much time this took. Luckily, Skylar had lots of friends to help her out!

They worked in small sections.

Look at that wall! Now you can see how easily that 10,000 number was reached, huh? Skylar and her friends laid out a small tape grid before they started, which guided their work and kept everything level.

Here's the finished product!

How cool is this? The ombré effect turned out absolutely beautiful, and I love that they lined it up perfectly with the trim along the bottom. This is such an AWESOME project.

Here it is in her music video!

Skylar used the wall in her music video for her single, "Sway." She even had a neon sign made with the song's title for the wall! It looks awesome, tbh. You can watch the video here.

Commenters loved it, but had a crucial concern.

Thank goodness. The Home Depot employee who helped her was a friend, and so were the owners of that particular Home Depot. No one will be getting in trouble for this stunt!

I smell a sequel...

If Skylar doesn't wear a paint chip dress in her next music video, I will be shocked. I can't wait to see what Skylar does next! It's going to be super cute, I know it.

So, what happened to the Home Depot employee?

Even though Skylar said she knew him, people were still really concerned that he would lose his job. (Between you and I, they were kind of rude about it — but that's the internet for you.)

People started spreading fake rumors about the employee.

Some people actually joked that he'd been fired. Skylar decided to prove them wrong and set out for Home Depot to meet up with Home Depot Guy, aka Jeff!

Their reunion was so wholesome.

They immediately rushed to hug each other, which is a wild thing to see in this day and age.

And in case you're wondering: no, he didn't get in trouble!

Jeff was so thrilled at Skylar's success.

He was totally shocked that her TikTok had reached over 16.4 million views! Skylar gifted him a set of cupcakes and wrote him a card, thanking him for everything.

This is the start of a beautiful friendship.

Jeff told Skylar that he watched her music video, and declared that she was "going to make it" as an artist. I can't help but agree. She has talent, AND a big heart!