5+ Cake Designers Who Nailed It And 5+ Who Didn't Even Come Close

I'm a pretty good cook. I think I can say that without any hesitation. However, when it comes to baking and decorating cakes, my skills aren't exactly up to par.

So, I'm always interested to see how others fair in this department. I thought it would be fun to show you some amazing cake designs and some that leave something to be desired. Enjoy!

This Dog Cake Masterpiece

Oh my goodness, if I ever wanted to get a cake that resembles my dog, I would definitely check out this baker. What they created with frosting here is truly amazing. I wonder if the dog liked it, hee-hee.

This Dog Cake Disaster

So, we go from absolute perfection to an absolute disaster. Somebody really loves their pug. So much so that they wanted to celebrate their pooch with a pug cake. However, it's quite obvious things didn't go according to plan.

This Gorgeous Brownie Cake

My fiancé is a huge fan of brownies. He could eat them all day long. So I think he wouldn't be too mad if I got him a brownie cake like this one. What do you think?

This Brownie Fail

This person tried very hard to make a pretty brownie cake, but in the end, they realized their limitations. It's funny because at first, I thought this was supposed to resemble a graveyard, ha, ha! Hey, it could have been great for Halloween, no?

This Flower Cake Masterpiece

I'm always so impressed by people who can incorporate flowers into cake design flawlessly. I pretty much love everything about this delightful piece here. And the fact it has macarons on it, too, is the icing on the cake.

This Poor Flower Cake Attempt

This is what happens when you think your skills are better than they actually are. A perfectly good coconut/pineapple/rum cake got ruined with palette knife painting and poor buttercream application skills. Oh well, better luck next time.

This Duck Cake Extraordinaire

Wow, take a look at this spectacular duck cake. It looks so beautiful all around, no matter how you spin it. I bet the little girl who gets it is going to be so thrilled. I would be, too.

These Unfortunate Ducks

So, not only did this person try their hand at making one cake, but they attempted a second one. I don't know. Perhaps they should have cut their losses, but I commend them for trying it again and again.

This Stunning Ice Cream Cake

OMG, just looking at this amazing ice cream cake is making me crave ice cream. I absolutely love the dripping chocolate effect on cakes. I need to perfect that skill one day. For now, I'll just admire this one.

This Ice Cream Cake Disaster

Wow, I don't really know what I can say about the look of this cake. The person who baked it swears it tasted great. I guess that's the only saving grace of this piece, ha, ha!

This Pretty Unicorn Party Number

I have a friend who's obsessed with unicorns. She's a grownup, by the way. I think she would be so happy if somebody got her this beautiful unicorn cake for her birthday. It's almost too pretty to eat, huh?

This Sad Unicorn Cake

I have to give props to this lady who attempted to make a unicorn cake. I bet it looked pretty decent until this happened. I guess it's true what they say, sometimes you win in life, and sometimes you lose.

This Hedgehog Cake Beauty

I don't know about you, but I adore hedgehogs. They're the cutest little creatures. I'm absolutely blown away somebody was able to capture their look and spirit in this incredible cake. I'm in awe of this piece.

This Hedgehog Nightmare

It goes to show you that those who make beautiful cakes have a talent like no other. Perhaps it's best for the rest of us to quit while we're ahead unless this is what you actually strive for, huh?

Have you ever made a cake that scared a 10-year-old? LOL!