17+ Cake Decorating Fails That Should Never Have Happened

Baking can be a difficult skill, which is probably why so many people love watching baking shows... Dear God, there are a lot of them.

With this idea in mind, some of the most entertaining instances of baking are those when people completely miss the mark! So, please enjoy these incredibly hilarious 17+ cake decorating fails that should never have happened!

"What could go wrong when you try to bake a cake to flatter the New Zealand prime minister?"

Christ on a crumpet, that is one hell of a terrifying cake! The teeth are far too realistic, while the rest of it looks like one of Pennywise's fever dream nightmares.

"My mom ordered a graduation cake with a cap drawn on. I guess they misheard."

Ah, the person who decorated this must have also gone to a college where they use cats instead of caps. You haven't truly graduated until you've had to balance an unwieldy cat on your head during graduation, let me tell you!

Happy Birthday, Dick!

I hope that Matt at least got a bit of a giggle out of this catastrophe!

On another note, it upsets me that the dingbat who wrote this can write infinitely neater with icing than I can with a damn pen.

"So a friend of my girlfriend made a cake for her daughter's birthday party. One of the kids started crying because it was so ugly."

I mean, I can see why they would have started crying! A balding, fanged nightmare hedgehog from the depths of hell will do that to a kid!

"Ordered cake on the left, received cake on the right."

That turned from a ninja to a terrified man who has woken up wrapped in bloodied bandages very fast!

"Wife's class passed their tests with high scores so she bought them a cake from Walmart. It was supposed to read, 'Congratulations You did it!'"

I would love it if this cake was actually decorated by a vengeful former student of this teacher's! That also sounds like the plot of an amazing revenge flick.

"[Instructions] unclear, followed them anyway..."

They are technically correct, which every good bureaucrat knows is the best kind of correct!

"There was an attempt to make a Super Bowl cake..."

Maybe this is a cake that is made of milk of magnesia and beans! And yes, milk of magnesia is still a thing you can get.

2008, The Year Of The Great Sprinkle Shortage!

I remember the great sprinkle shortage of '08 very well. Those were dark days...and decidedly less flavorsome and fabulous!

Introducing: Elmo And The Journey Across The River Styx!

Why do people keep doing Elmo like this? Guys, leave poor Elmo alone and stop ruining him in cake form!

The Belle Of The Ball!

I would absolutely love to have a cake like this at a party now that I think about it. I mean, everyone would get a laugh out of it if nothing else!

"We sent this cake photo (left) to a cake shop, and this is what we got (right)."

Someone suggested that next time they need a cake, they should send the picture on the right to the baker and see if they get another cake with a picture of a cake with the picture they initially wanted on it!

"My friend made a Danny Devito cake for her friend. It's worse in person."

I don't really see how it could possibly be any worse in person? It looks horrifying enough from here!

"I was asked what I want written on my cake. I said 'nothing.'"

Ask and ye shall receive! Nothing is better than nothing after all! I mean, "Nothing" means more icing in this instance, which is ironic.

"It's Peppa Pig, I Swear!"

Wow, you really wouldn't think that an attempt to make Peppa Pig cakes could go quite so wrong, would you?

"I tried to make my niece an Ariel cake for her third birthday and it came out looking like a zombie. I see no future for myself in cake decorating."

Well, there could still be a future in baking for this person! I mean, it would only be in the vein of providing cakes for halloween parties, but still, that's something!

It's On The Drive!

This unfortunate cake owner wrote, "A friend of mine ordered a picture cake and gave the woman a thumb drive with the picture she wanted to use. When my friend went to pick it up, this is what was waiting for her."

"We ordered the cake on the left and received the cake on the right... Elmo has seen better days."

The years after leaving Sesame Street were not kind to Elmo. The meth addiction really took its toll on his innocent soul.

*Musical Notation Here!*

The bit about the musical notes is not actually the bit that annoys me. It's the fact that it isn't really a capital "A" at the start of "Amber." And that kind of persnickety-ness is why I am lonely!

"My friend in China ordered a cake for his son. He texted the bakery the message to appear on the cake 'Happy 9th birthday.' This is what he received."

I don't think that I got the Apple update where my phone can send delicious-looking cakes instead of email sign-offs!