These Camping Crocs Are Like Having An All-In-One Survival Kit On Your Feet

Many of us know that sturdy shoes are usually recommended for hiking and camping, but few have ever seen shoes quite like these.

We had to do a double take when we first saw these all-in-one camping crocs that we're pretty sure Indiana Jones would have deeply appreciated having on all of his adventures.

While we can't turn back the clock for other adventurers, we're ready to celebrate the treacherous journeys that await with these camping crocs.

These crocs were made for camping, and that's just what they'll do.

According to Yanko Design, Crocs teamed up with artist Nicole McLaughlin with the objective of making the brand more innovative, specifically for hikers.

Those hikers can now ditch their heavy, oversized backpacks full of supplies, because these Crocs are all they'll need.

They offer something we never thought a clog would have for anything besides a foot: storage.

These Crocs are pretty cool.

These clogs have room for rope, a detachable pouch, a light, and even a compass.

All of these added goodies are called Jibbitz and playfully attach to the hole in the Crocs, so they can be removed at any time.

For loyal Crocs fans, this is one for the collection.

It's pretty simple, most people are either Crocs fans or they aren't, but for those that are, this is a time to rejoice.

There's nothing like hiking and camping with some of the most breathable clogs that money can buy.

Plus they come in various US and UK sizes for a comfy fit. There are even add-ons, like a headlamp, stuff sack and paracord, so you can essentially wear an entire all-in-one survival kit right on your footsies.

It's time to grab your Crocs for the next camping trip.

Don't be the one struggling when the rest of the family remembered to bring their Campsite Classic Clogs and you didn't. These are going to be some pretty nifty go-to clogs.

They can be ordered on for around $35.

Let us know what you think of these camping Crocs in the comments and if you plan on picking some up for your next adventure.

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