Bridesmaids Pull 'Prank' On Bride And Show Up To Wedding Wearing Crocs

When it comes to planning their wedding, some brides can get a pretty bad rap.

Sure, a few of them can turn into what we might call a total bridezilla, but others recognize that they're spending a lot of money on this one day, arguably the most important day of their life, so yeah, they're going to do what they can to make sure it goes perfectly.

Those brides can only hope that the people they choose to be a part of their special day are as equally committed to making it go off without a hitch. But sometimes their wedding party has other plans in mind.

One bride had an odd, yet very specific ask of her bridesmaids: absolutely *no Crocs allowed* at her wedding.

The colorful, though notoriously ugly shoes may be the perfect lightweight footwear for some, but she was very clear that she did not want to see a single pair on any of her bridesmaids' feet.

It's likely that this bride had a vision for her wedding day, one which definitely didn't include Crocs, so she explicitly asked that they be omitted from her bridal party's outfits.

Cut to the day of the wedding, and every single one of those ladies showed up wearing matching Crocs.

A TikTok video shared by one of the bridesmaids, Gabby, shows all six ladies proudly revealing their purple Crocs to an understandably unimpressed bride.

"When she said no to Crocs," the video's caption reads.

Although the video went viral, not everyone who viewed it was amused by the bridesmaids' "prank."

"Y'all realize it's not your wedding," one person wrote, while another added, "They wouldn't be in my pictures. I mean that as disrespectfully as possible."

"Yeah, you would've not been in my wedding anymore," one unamused user commented. "Don't disrespect someone like that especially on their wedding day."

Many people pointed out just how upset the bride appeared to be in the video.

While there may be smiles on the faces of all the people around her, including the groom, it's quite clear the bride herself didn't find the prank to be very funny at all.

"I know it was a joke but you could see the disappointment in the bride's face," someone wrote.

"She's looks so upset," another said. "If someone did that to me on my big day, I don't care how close we are, they are uninvited."

Eventually Gabby shared a follow-up video to explain the situation and defend herself, as well as her fellow bridesmaids.

In the caption on that clip she reveals that while the entire bridal party showed up in lilac-purple Crocs, they also brought a pair of heels to wear for the actual ceremony.

They just surprised the bride with the unsightly shoes, snapped some cheeky pictures with the photographer, and then made the change.

However, people still weren't entirely impressed.

"It doesn't even matter that you wore heels during the ceremony," someone argued in the comments, "those are her pictures, and instead of looking at the bride and how beautiful she is, all people will see are the Crocs."

"Girl paid THOUSANDS for the photography and y'all couldn't have saved the joke for the reception?" another added.

Someone else pointed out, "She doesn't even look happy in the pictures."

At the end of the day, it seems that the majority of people online are in agreement: *please* don't ever do this to someone.

While the bridesmaids involved may have thought they were pulling a harmless prank on their friend, and while we may not know exactly how the bride felt about it, we do know she didn't look impressed in the TikTok videos.

If a bride says no Crocs at her wedding, let's all just listen to her and keep our feet Croc-free. It's one day, it's her day, and we owe her that much.

Let us know what you think about this whole situation!

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