People Who Took Home Makeovers Into Their Own Hands Share Their 10+ Progress Pics

I don't know about you, but I absolutely love home renovations. What I mean by that is I adore looking at other people's projects. It gives me so much inspiration for the time we buy our own place.

It's amazing what some folks can do with just a few simple solutions. Check out these impressive before-and-after photos, and let me know your favorites.

1. This Kitchen Makeover

What do you do with a clean slate? Well, you go to town, of course. It seems to me that these folks used what they already had to their advantage here. I really dig this kitchen reno, and you?

2. This Color Update

Let me ask you a question: Which paint color do you like better, the white or the blue? If you answered "blue," then you definitely dig this after photo here. I'm still on the fence, ha, ha!

3. This Laundry Room

What do you do when you have a small laundry room? No problem, I say. Just implement the strategy of vertical space, and you'll be rocking in no time. It might be a small room, but it's pretty jam-packed.

4. This Family Room Update

I'm such a big proponent of using colors effectively. Although I like the color grey, it wasn't doing much for this room. However, the green hue brightens up everything. Do you agree with me on this?

5. This Cozy Space

This person wanted to make their room a lot more cozy and livable. So, they put some elbow grease into it and finished making homemade shelves from free wood. Then, they added some plants. The cats seem to approve, hee-hee!

6. This Kitchen Nook

Everybody needs a cute little kitchen nook to read a newspaper or sort through their mail. Am I right? This space here got the ultimate makeover. I would definitely enjoy spending time catching up on stuff in this area now.

7. This TV Viewing Room

This room looked so bare and empty. Not exactly an inviting space, eh? But now, after the makeover, it looks a lot better. I could see myself binge-watching my favorite TV shows here in no time.

8. This Chill Vibe

Who else is in love with this bold wall color? This person wasn't sure about it at first, but they decided to go for it. I really believe it makes the windows and the sofa pop.

9. This Bedroom Makeover

I don't know about you, but I need my bedroom to be cozy. Nothing puts you to sleep faster than a comfortable and pleasant space. I think this makeover here makes this point pretty well, huh?

10. This Office/VR Room

This person was looking to update this room to be more contemporary while keeping its vintage charm. I say they pretty much accomplished that, no? What do you think? I would enjoy spending my time here.

11. This Living Room Revamp

It's easy to make noticeable changes to your living space. This person added a great coat of paint and a few personal touches, and voilĂ ! This place looks as good as new. The area rug is a great idea, too.

12. This Bathroom Refresh

One of my favorite places in a house besides the kitchen is the bathroom. I always look for a clean and functional design. I think this reno here fits the bill on both of these. I like the color scheme much better now.

13. This Office Space

If you could design the most chill home office space, what would you do? I have to say this upgrade here gives me some cool inspiration for sure. I love how zen this space is now, huh?

I hope I've given you some great ideas for sprucing up your living space.

I know I got a few interesting concepts in my mind now. I would really love to know which one impressed you the most here. Share your thoughts with me below.