9+ Times People Shared Stunning Before-And-After Pics Of Home Renovations

Judging is the name of the game when it comes to looking at home reno before and afters. You know it, I know it. We all know it.

These renovations? Well, they're so good that you might think twice before judging them, tbh. In fact, they're so good that you might actually want to think about renovating your own home...

This bathroom has a new honeycomb floor!

That wall-to-wall avocado tile had to go. This new bathroom is bright and full of contrast! I love that the floor sort of pixels out into the shower area.

Neon is the name of the game.

The nice thing about this makeover is how much stayed the same! There was no major renovation, just the addition of a platform bed, some paint, and a swap-out of the desk. Oh, and the addition of that cool neon light.

This dining room opened right up.

I'm such a fan of those slatted wood walls that everyone is doing right now! It's a great way to differentiate between spaces, especially since they tore the dividing wall down in between the dining room and the kitchen.

This space got colorful.

The emerald! The pink! The carpet! This makeover is the epitome of chic. It's modern, it's fun, and it doesn't shy away from being bold. How many makeovers can claim that these days?

This house is a shipping container!

People are opting for shipping container homes due to their low cost. I love that they cut the front out to create a really nice, airy dining area and kitchen. It... closes, right?

Imagine having an all-mirrored bathroom.

Imagine having to watch yourself go to the bathroom from EVERY angle. Sounds like my nightmare. And that black seashell sink? Let's just say that the "after" is a total upgrade.

Black accent walls are so nice, guys.

I love that they added some trim as an accent to the black. It gives the room a very deep, dimensional feel to it. It really helps show off the uniqueness of those windows, too!

This modern makeover really shines.

The original roof, windows, and even the door were kept! The house really does look better without that odd balcony up top, and the expanded front area would make for a great sitting space.

This new space isn't afraid of color.

This is a great example of keeping the actual structure neutral and using furniture and accessories to add color! Once you tire of those colors, you can swap them out without having to repaint a whole room.

I think we can all agree that wainscotting is incredibly cool.

And if you don't agree... that's actually fine, you're entitled to your opinion! See, I love it because of the contrast it gives any room it's installed in. It just gives a wall a little extra somethin', somethin', you know?

This bathroom is my dream bathroom.

Look. At that. Skylight. Can you imagine just laying in that giant tub, not a care in the world, watching clouds float on by? It's the best part of being at the beach or the lake, but without sand in your swim bottoms.

Excuse me while I drool.

Remember how I talked about how popular slatted wood is right now? This new facade is the perfect example. Pairing it with black makes the whole place look so sleek and stylish, but still natural.

Holy crap, that trim!

A whole new kitchen went in here! A brick wall was added along the back, and the existing doors and windows were kept. Those floors? They're to die for, tbh.

Closet offices are definitely on the rise right now.

Thanks to more and more people working at home, closet offices are becoming quite popular. This one is an amazing, bright office that will definitely encourage productivity.