10+ Home Renovation Before-And-After Photos That Inspired Us

Aw heck yeah, we're about to dive into the best part of the internet: before and after pictures.

Seeing a house, room, or even a piece of furniture go from drab to fab is just so very satisfying, you know? And trust me when I say that this article is going to be very satisfying for your brain.

From attic to dream bathroom.

Instagram | @dsa_properties

Guys...I am speechless. That rickety, cold, framed-out attic became the bathroom of my dreams. The black hardware! The tiles! That starburst floor tile! Ugh, it's so good.

Now that's a glo-up.

Instagram | @girlandgrey

From a house that was definitely haunted to a house I would definitely haunt. It didn't take much to give this home a new elase on life — just new siding, paint, and a lot of love.

Let's get small for a second.

Let's celebrate a small before and after, shall we? This furniture flip is absolutely stunning. It incorporates a lot of really trendy elements, like chalk paint, a blush pink, and gold hardware!

This bathroom was so, so tragic.

Instagram | @zoefeldmandesign

Honestly, it's almost beautiful in its ugliness, you know? Those mirrors, the black toilet, the clamshell sink... there's a beauty in that. However, the after is just so much nicer.

That old bedroom had to go.

That wall color has me making the stressed emoji face. I mean... there's brown, and then there's BROWN, you know? Anyway, the new bedroom is so fresh and clean!

The perfect office.

It's amazing what minimal changes can accomplish in a room. The wall color and windows stayed the safe, but the styling and the ceiling changed!

This backyard got so much cuter.

Instagram | @no40_home_renovation

I mean, I guess a backyard full of rubble can be a kind of cute. The backyard after? Truly a paradise. I love all the additions, as well as the grass! And that the neighbors got a palm tree at some point.

Goodbye, fake brick wall.

Guys, faking exposed brick only works if your house looks like it would have an exposed brick wall already.

Anyway, that new wall looks so much better, and so does the floating TV!

This home is bus-shaped.

Sometimes, a home is less of a house and more of a bus, you know? This renovation was done for a family looking to live life on the road, and it is stunning.

This is jaw-dropping.

That house looked like it was genuinely in ruins. Thankfully, someone saw the potential in it and gave it a modern upgrade. Those giant windows are to die for.

Those windows are drool-worthy.

I'd actually love to know the story behind this design! It looks like the windows might open up into some kind of sun room. Regardless, it makes that space feel very open and bright.

Lemme lemme upgrade ya...

Those cabinets were tragic, let's be real. But the new kitchen? Now that's a dream come true. Not only is it gigantic, it's so sleek! And the wood on the bottom cabinets really give the room a warmer feel.

Holy crap.

This is a complete design change. There was nothing overly wrong with that first one, but I have to admit that my modern-loving self is swooning over the after.

I'm super glad this kitchen no longer has a dryer in it.

Instagram | @timryankane

I had to use the back window as an anchor to figure out where exactly the renovation went, because the change is absolutely massive. From ruins to a total gem.