10+ Easy Craft Projects Anyone Can Master

Are you craving a project, but aren't sure where to start? Do you have two left hands when it comes to crafts?

Don't worry. As a crafter who frequently injures herself doing her own projects, I am an expert in finding the easiest, lowest impact DIYs possible (I have to find a way to spare my thumbs yet another injury, after all).

From wreaths to baskets, these DIYs are as fun as they are simple!

Give your lamps and vases new life.

If you like the shape of your lamps or vases, but hate the color, don't worry. Some paint mixed up with baking soda will give your stuff new life! Find out how here.

This wreath is so easy, even a monkey could do it.

Monkeys are pretty smart, actually. My apologies to monkeys.

Anyway, all you'll need for this cute summer wreath is some felt, a wreath ring, and hot glue! Cut out your felt leaves and glue them on in any pattern of your choice.

Make a planter!

This isn't as hard as it looks, I promise! Drew at Lone Fox home specializes in easy, accessible DIYs that anyone can try. Check out his video on this planter here!

Make fabric bowls out of fabric scraps.

These cute little trinket bowls can be made out of some fabric scraps, and they're as easy as doing paper maché! Check out how to make them here.

Stuff your own pouf.

Poufs are weirdly expensive. Instead of buying one and breaking the bank, pick up a pouf cover and fill it with old clothes that you can't donate! Check out this TikTok for more.

Make yourself a rainbow arch shelf!

Rainbows and arches are very in right now. You can order A Kailo Chic Life's rainbow arch kit and make yourself a super chic little shelf for your home! Check it out here.

Paint up some old furniture and bring it back to life.

Ikea is a big fan of upcycling their products, which is why they asked The Sorry Girls to create a new Ikea hack for them. Their idea? Painting an old table!

Get the arch look for less.

I love a good arched doorway, but creating one can be EXPENSIVE. Instead of hiring a contractor, follow the ideas in this TikTok and paint one around your door!

Dress up the back of an open bookcase.

If you're itching to do something creative with your furniture, why not try painting or tiling the back of a bookcase? It's a low-stakes DIY that could have a major impact on your makeover game. Get the instructions here.

Make a brass wall hanging.

This may look difficult, but it's actually super simple! You'll need some brass sheeting and some fancy pliers, but trust me — this DIY will be worth it. Check it out here.

Make a minimal spring wreath!

Gold tones and greenery just go so beautifully together. Using floral framing or even a gold hoop from Michaels to create a cute and minimal spring wreath! Check it out here.

Have fun with clay.

Clay is SUCH a fun medium to work with, and it's very beginner-friendly! Grab some oven-bake clay, some paint, and your imagination and cook up (literally) some new dishes for your home! Learn how here.

Make a small rope basket!

All you'll need for this cute DIY? Rope and glue. No, really! That's it! Follow along with the instructions at Homey Oh My and find out how easy it is here.

Painting rocks is literally the easiest craft ever.

Rock painting took off during quarantine because, well, it's so simple! All you need are some rocks and paint. Then you can go to town designing them however you want. This Reddit user took on a food theme and nailed it.

Makes some faux DIY stained glass.

Real stained glass takes a lot of time and practice to master. Thankfully, this faux version can be done with materials from around the home. Just grab some painter's tape and markers, and start designing your heart out.