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10+ DIYs For People Who Usually Hate Crafts

Are you someone who shudders when you pass Hobby Lobby or Michael's? I get it. DIY projects can get expensive and messy. They also take a fair bit of time, and seriously, who has time to DIY these days?

If you're not a crafty person, these projects might surprise you. They are cheap, easy, and relatively mess-free. We might even convert a few of you to the crafty side.

1. Swan bowl

A Kailo Chic Life

A Kailo Chic Life created this adorable swan vase with a small candleholder, air-dry clay, and a bit of paint.

Yes, there is some painting involved, but you could also use markers for even less mess.

Shape your clay around the candle holder and let it dry.

A Kailo Chic Life

You can paint or draw the swan's face when it's dry. This bowl is perfect for holding small office supplies or a few blossoms.

2. Taco headphone holder

Club Crafted

Club Crafted must know that we love tacos but hate tangled headphone cords.

For this project, you will need some felt and a small piece of leather.

You'll also need some metal snap fasteners and a hole punch to make your taco roll up.

Club Crafted

Attaching the snap fasteners is the most labor-intensive aspect of this project, but anyone can punch a hole in some leather. Anyone!

3. Leaf incense holder

Enthralling Gumption

Air-dry clay might be the anti-craft person's material of choice. It's easy to use, cheap, and makes almost no mess.

For this project, you will trace a leaf on the clay to get the shape just right.

Cut out your leaf shape with a box cutter.

Enthralling Gumption

Gently shape the leaf with your hands to make it three-dimensional. Once the clay is dry, you can add some gold or copper accents with gilding.

Enthralling Gumption came up with this lovely DIY that will help us reduce stress.

4. Planter wraps

ctrl + curate

This is a great project for anyone who has never held a needle or thread and has no desire to.

Using a piece of canvas, wrap it around your plant and secure it with some hot glue if needed.

You can paint the fabric if you want, or not. It's up to you.

ctrl + curate

How easy was that? From start to finish, this project will take you maybe a half hour.

Thanks to ctrl + curate for this easy DIY that will keep our plants warm and cozy.

5. Clock art

Sadie Seasongoods

An old photo frame from the thrift store was transformed into unique wall art with the help of some printouts.

This frame was stained and painted from its original state, but if you're ok with the as-is look, you can eliminate some steps right there.

Print out some clock faces and pop them in your frame.

Sadie Seasongoods

Sadie Seasongoods created this steampunk-inspired decor. If you can print out some photos, cut them out, and put them in a frame, then you can do this project.

6. Light-up moss jars

Lil Blue Boo

Lil Blue Boo found these string lights at Michael's in the floral section.

Rummage through your cupboards for a few mason jars and pick up a bit of faux moss.

Now it's time to assemble your jars!

Lil Blue Boo

And by assemble, I mean put everything in the jar. Lights, moss, any other decorations — toss 'em in. That's really all there is to it. I'm not even sure if we should count this project as a craft.

7. Book covers

Lydi Out Loud

Lydi Out Loud designed these beautiful book covers which could also double as wrapping for a bookish gift.

Cut watercolor paper to size and wrap it around your book to mark where the creases will be.

Once you have your covers sized and scored, get painting.

Lydi Out Loud

I know, I know. But they're watercolor paints so they really aren't too messy.

When your covers have dried, display them on your bookcase for a splash of color.

8. Embroidery hook wreaths

A Bubbly Life

A Bubbly Life knows that with this hanging up in your home, people will think you are a true DIYer.

Who has embroidery hoops laying around? Who upcycles them into wreaths? The answer: DIYers. Even if you aren't one, you could pass after making this.

If you can believe it, these eucalyptus trimmings are taped to the wreath.

A Bubbly Life

Taped! You don't even need to pull out a hot glue gun for this project. See? DIYs don't have to be hard.

9. DIY citronella candles

Francoise Et Moi

Here's a DIY secret: DIY candles are basically fool-proof. All you have to do is melt the wax, pour the wax into your holder, and pop in a wick.

Then science takes over while the wax hardens.

What about those colorful covers?

Francoise Et Moi

Francoise Et Moi had the genius idea of using a balloon to cover these candleholders. Just snip off the ends and wrap it over your candle.

10. House shelves

Alice and Lois

I'm not even sure if you can count this as a DIY because the house shelves are pre-made. The DIY aspect of this project is painting the inside with a color of your choice.

I suppose you have to hang them up as well, so that can count as part of this DIY.

Alice and Lois

Alice and Lois created this easy-peasy project. They're cute, they're easy, and if anyone asks you if you built the house, you can lie and say yes. I give you permission.

11. Wrapped baskets

Tell Love And Party

Tell Love And Party found these adorable baskets at Ikea, but they were in need of a little sprucing up.

Using embroidery thread, she wrapped these baskets up in a cool gradient pattern.

Simply tie your embroidery thread around the lid and begin wrapping in an "X" formation.

Tell Love And Party

To make the gradient effect, pick a light, medium, and dark shade of each color. This project looks more complicated than it actually is.

12. T-shirt tote


If you're like Mommypotamus, you probably have a stash of shirts you're not ready to part with but don't wear anymore. Now, you can easily upcycle them into a cool tote bag.

Anti-crafters rejoice! This is a no-sew project.


Once you cut off the sleeves and the neckline, cut a fringe at the bottom of the shirt. You will tie the fringe pieces together to seal up your bag. Easy and eco-friendly!