11+ Times People Had No Choice But To Craft Shame

I'm the first to admit that I don't really do DIY projects. It's probably a combination of having no time and no patience, hee-hee. So, I'm definitely out of practice when it comes to making crafts.

That's why I can totally relate when I see people attempting to make something spectacular only to fail miserably. These are just a few examples of epic DIY fails.

1. This Cat Backpack

I have become a huge cat lover thanks to our rascal cat, Mayu. So when I saw this odd backpack somebody made I was like, "This isn't right." I mean, I can't even stomach looking at it when it's open, much less using it.

2. This Car Paint DIY

Why spend money on car paint when you can just use some tape. Am I right? Oh, no! I don't think this is going to suffice. Not only does it look horrible, but it's starting to peel off.

3. This Baby Head Planter

No, I definitely don't want to grow my plants in this weird baby head planter. What kind of person do you think I am? Some kind of sicko? This is creepy AF. It even comes with homemade doll clothes.

4. This Car's Decoration

Speaking of weird uses of dolls, here's a car somebody spotted on the road. It's like they have some kind of odd roadkill obsession. Either that or they really like baby dolls. Nonetheless, it's too crazy to fathom.

5. These Outlet Earrings

Um, okay, I get the appeal of these outlet earrings. They're like cute smiling or shocked faces. But having said that, I'm still on the fence about these. Let me ask you: would you wear them?

6. This Footstool

OMG, what the heck is this? I know it's a footstool, but I never thought somebody would take it that literally. I can't stop laughing at this. Is it just me, or are you cracking up, too?

7. These Jeans

If your jeans are busting at the seams because you can't stop snacking, listen up. Perhaps you need this type of solution. On second thought, perhaps not. I don't even understand how this would work. Anyone care to explain?

8. This Carterrarium

This is what happens when your obsession with growing plants takes a wrong turn. I just want to know, how do you even water these? That can't be all that great for the plants. I feel so bad for them.

9. This Purple Shoe Toilet

What is it with people and weird toilets? Am I just a fuddy-duddy because I like a regular, plain toilet? When it comes to that business, I want to be in and out. Who cares about the aesthetics, right?

10. These Shoes

I get that people want to keep collector's or limited-edition shoes in pristine condition, but this seems a little over the top. Now that they're encased in resin, no one will ever be able to wear them. Seems pretty wasteful.

11. This Nightmare Button Doll

Facebook | Erin Richardson Report

I don't know why but somebody attempted to make their own likeness using a variety of buttons. And now they created a monster instead. It is the stuff of nightmares, people. I would burn this monstrosity ASAP!

12. This SpongeBob Bathroom Decor

Looks like somebody has taken their SpongeBob obsession to the next level here. They didn't stop at just one likeness. Oh, no! They had to settle for just five of them, ha, ha! I don't think I want to visit this household.

13. This Table

The Reddit user who shared this photo said it best: "With just basic tools and a little paint you too can turn an old, unusable door into an ugly, unusable table."

It's so, so true.

14. This Bathroom Floor

So, apparently, a local game shop had their bathroom floor re-done in Magic: The Gathering cards. I have just one word for this atrocity, "no!" Imagine what happens to these cards over time? I don't want to.

15. These DIY Nails

If you can't afford acrylic nails, don't worry. This 10-year old took care of that problem. You see, she cut up straws and taped them up to her nails. Well, that's some talent at such a young age, hehe.

16. This Denim Makeup Glove

Okay, I don't know about you, but I clearly don't spend enough time applying makeup. So I could never have a use for this denim pocket glove. But even if you do, this can't be that useful?

17. This Bench

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure the legs are supposed to be in the corners. How else would this bench be stable? Hmm, I guess whoever made it was in a huge hurry. Good luck taking a seat then, ha, ha.

18. These Tires

This is what happens when you can't afford a car with a custom color. At least this person found a way to show their love of pink somewhere. And, yes, it's on all four wheels. Wow! That's dedication.

19. This Restaurant Menu

I see how this could happen. This person thought they could buy a TV to display the menu in their restaurant. And then when they raise prices, they'll get a label printer and voilĂ ! Problem solved, ha, ha.

20. This Bowl

Do you have any idea what this bowl supposed to be? Well, get ready for it. It's SpongeBob, people! OMG, what? Ha, ha! What happened to him? Did he get squeezed in the making or something like that?

21. This Piano

First of all, why would anybody want a piano in their kitchen? And second of all, WTF? I don't understand this. Can anybody explain to me what happened here? I'm so confused, lol. I kid you not.

22. This Cigarette Necklace

If you're looking for the ugliest piece of jewelry, I think I have found it. I honestly don't see anyone wanting to wear this even if they were a smoker. After all, smokers have good taste too.

I hate to say this, but there comes a point where a person needs to admit they suck at crafting.

It's okay, though. Not everybody is good at everything. Some of us are better off sticking to buying other people's creations. There's no shame in that. Don't you agree with me?