The Internet Is Divided Over People Putting Mustard On Their Watermelon

So far, 2021 has proven to be the year of bizarre food hacks/combinations. We've seen everything from taco pickles, to pickle bun hot dogs — and now a new player has stepped into the arena.

The biggest food trend sweeping the internet right now is people putting mustard on their watermelon. As you can probably already imagine, it has the majority of the internet vastly divided.

A recent food hack making the rounds on TikTok shows people putting mustard on their watermelon.

French's mustard is supposed to be the best, but your preferred brand of yellow mustard will work just fine if you can't happen to find any.

It sounds gross, but according to food blogger Alexis Morillo, it actually tastes pretty good.

Alexis writes for the popular foodie website, Delish. She said,

"It tasted really good in the weirdest of ways. The vinegar from the mustard mixed with the sweet, juicy watermelon counterbalanced each other which I wasn't expecting."

The trend has become so popular, that even Lizzo felt compelled to give it a try.

It's tough to make heads or tails of Lizzo's reaction. On the one hand, she seems genuinely confused by the taste combination.

But that being said, she does end up taking three big bites before the video comes to an end.

The rest of the internet appears to be just as confused.

TikTok user @auramoonshine commented, "It sounds like someone who was high and only had those two ingredients left in their they went for it."

Are you brave enough to try this confusing but potentially delicious combination? Leave a comment and let us know!