Woman Asks If She Was Wrong To 'Upstage' The Bride On Her Wedding Day

Whenever people get invited to a wedding, there are usually some "unspoken" rules to follow. One of them is that you never want to wear a white dress to a wedding because the bride usually wears white to their own wedding.

Additionally, most people don't want to dress up too much if it's a casual affair, looking to not "outshine" the bride on her special day.

Sometimes, things happen that are beyond our control.

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One Reddit user recently wrote into the website seeking advice about her cousin's wedding that she apparently made a "big mistake" about.

The woman asked if she was "wrong" for dressing nicer than the bride at her cousin's wedding.

She shared first that she had never met her cousin before the wedding.

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"I got invited to my cousin's very small wedding, which was last week. I had never met her before the wedding, so I knew it was important to make a good impression."

She shared:

"I also have deep insecurities about how I look due to being bullied as a child, so I always need to look as nice as possible when I'm going out, even just to get coffee,"

The Reddit user said she put together a nice dress and accessories from things she already owns.

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"I started planning what I would wear immediately. The invite said cocktail attire, and I settled on a tea length dress I had worn to other people's weddings, with matching colored chiffon shawl and flats as well as a real pearl necklace and earrings."

"I didn't buy anything new for this, just did my best with what I have."

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"I made sure my makeup was decent and didn't clash, and made sure to get my hair cut a week before the wedding so it would look its best as well," she added.

However, when she got to the wedding, she was shocked by how much she stood out.

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"Most of the 30 guests were in t-shirts/polos and shorts. I was one of two guests wearing a dress. The bridesmaid wore something that looked like it was out of Hot Topic. The groom wore a tuxedo shirt and black jeans," she shared.

The bride was not dressed like a typical bride, either.

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"The bride wore...holy hell. The bride wore a custom gothic dress that looked like a purple, red, and black patchwork dress. Her hair was not brushed, and she did black makeup so heavily that you could barely see her face. I was shocked," she stated.

Many people at the wedding came up to her saying she was "upstaging the bride."

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Apparently, her cousin was not happy, either.

"The bride herself was quiet the whole night. I tried to try to get to know her as that's what she requested, but she wasn't interested."

She continued:

"The wedding ended and on my way home, I got flooded with calls from her mother and new husband that I was a horrible person for "dressing like Grace Kelly" and going out of my way to "make the bride feel ugly at her own wedding,"

Some Reddit users were confused why the OP was invited in the first place.

Many Reddit users were left confused as to why the original poster was invited to a "small 30-person" wedding if she had never met the bride prior to the wedding at all—especially, in the middle of a pandemic.

Some questioned why she decided to go, too.

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Others said that she wasn't wrong for wearing what she wore, because the invite said "cocktail attire."

One person commented: "The invite said cocktail attire. You wore cocktail attire."

They continued:

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"It seems like the bride and groom have an entirely different version of this concept which was on them to communicate, especially to people who weren't in their close immediate circle,"

However, some said that the OP was wrong for "being judgmental" towards the bride and groom.

"Not the [expletive] for what you wore to the wedding.

But holy hell are you an [expletive] in general. Why are you so judgey about what the bride and groom wore on THEIR WEDDING DAY?"

"And what the bridesmaids wore?"

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For someone who has a history of being bullied, I wouldn’t have expected you to be throwing so much shade at the happy couples style choices," one person added.

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