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Badly Designed Wedding Seating Chart Frustrates And Confuses Reddit

Weddings are meant to be joyous occasions, filled to the brim with romance, laughter, joy, and celebration. But in order for them to go off without a hitch, the happy couple usually spends months and months planning and preparing for the big event.

Any time you put two large families and friend groups together there's bound to be some anxiety. Whether it's felt by the guests or the newlyweds crossing their fingers nothing bad will happen, a lot of effort is put into making sure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

One of the ways couples circumvent tension is by crafting carefully thought-out seating charts.

Seating plans can help reduce tension... if you can find your table.

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Placing compatible families and friends together at a table is one method often used to keep guests comfortable and happy. But, that goal is completely contingent on whether or not you can find your designated table number.

Scrolling through Pinterest for their own seating chart inspiration, soon-to-be spouse narlymaroo came across this overly complicated seating chart DIY.

Caught in the web.

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Looking like an incomprehensible mesh of strings and lines, Reddit was full of objections and frustration upon seeing the chart.

With most weddings including a mixture of young and old, Elizabeth_Sparrow points out that the chart could be particularly confusing for "older relatives who don't have the best eyes".

Simply using multi-colored strings would have been a significant improvement.

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Many users also suggest that most of the confusion could have been avoided if they'd just opted to used multi-colored strings instead. That way even older relatives wouldn't have a problem following the lines and tracing them back to their assigned tables.

If all else fails, throw plans to the wind!

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In a widely supported opinion, nomadicfangirl says, "if this was post-cocktail reception, I'd be SOL on ever figuring it out. LOL".

Overall I'd say the DIY had great intentions, but the execution was a bit of a swing and a miss. Plus, if you really hate confusing seating plans, go the route of Clear Brook Crafts and throw plans to the wind!

What do you think about this DIY? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!