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Viral Video Of Woman Rinsing Cooked Ground Beef Has People Asking 'Why'

TikTok, and the internet at large for that matter, is somewhat obsessed with cooking "hacks," with some of them being incredibly ingenious ways to make you a better cook and some other being, well...questionable to say the least.

One TikToker's recent video showcasing how to make cooking ground beef better has left the internet somewhat perplexed.

Emily Harper took to TikTok to try and make people's ground beef that extra bit healthier.

Yes, Ms Harper was somewhat dismayed by the amount of grease coming off her ground beef when she was frying it.

Ms Harper's video showed her using a spatula to showcase just how much grease was present in the pan as the beef began to turn brown.

And yes, it's a good idea to drain the grease off your ground beef.

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Sure, that fat is flavor — but it's just as likely to clog up your arteries as it is your kitchen pipes. So, when you drain that excess grease off, generally you do so into an empty can or jar, or maybe using paper towels.

However, Emily's way to solve this problem was to wash the ground beef with water.

Yes, Ms Harper poured out the cooked beef into a strainer and then proceeded to shake it vigorously while running water through it.

It was at this point in her tutorial that a lot of individuals were absolutely horrified by the idea of running water through the beef to "clean it off."

It's certainly an unorthodox approach.

Ms Harper's video, shared on Twitter, received a fair amount of attention, not the least of which involved several users poking holes in her methods. And yes, some people learn these things when they're 6, but others haven't been lucky in their upbringing and come to such knowledge late. But it's true, plumbers will be seeing dollar signs over Emily's video.

Ms Harper was very happy with her results though!

After the beef had been washed through with enough water, she then returned the beef to the pan and continued to cook it.

Elated with what ungodly thing she had done, she then wrote "look at the difference" while showing some beef that looked mostly the same, except for being marginally paler.

While there were some people who were swayed by the idea, the majority of the internet was NOT on board.

It was also not only amateur chefs across the internet who were unsure of this idea, but Michelin-starred chef Brad Carter, from the U.K., explained, "It's obviously washing away flavor, [...] It's a real, real no-no for me. I would never, ever wash the meat," in an interview with Insider.

I can't say I am keen to be trying this, but is this something you'll be enthusiastic to try?

I would mainly be worried about my poor kitchen pipes after washing all of that grease down them! Although, the pipes around your heart may be more important, I guess? I'll leave that up to your own judgement!

Oh, and Emily did post a follow-up video.

Yes, she was aware of the reactions on the internets, both on TikTok and not, and no, she did not care much, suggesting that she doesn't pour grease down her drain too often — and she's pretty sure she's not the only one.

So, what do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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