Teenager Creates 'Medi Teddy' IV Covers To Comfort Children In Hospitals

It's a common misconception that teens are too young to be ambitious, or even change the world. However, one teen works to defy expectations and limitations to create and distribute the Medi Teddy to comfort children during nerve-wracking hospital visits.

Ella Casano was in the hospital very often.

Casano was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder called Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura at an early age. Located in Fairfield, Connecticut, she has to to receive an IV transfusion every six to eight weeks. Getting so many shots often caused her anxiety.

For her, being connected to an IV has been a matter of life and death.

Casano's platelets can drop to dangerously low levels if she isn't regularly connected to an IV. If she's ever injured, the ramifications could be severe.

Sometimes the IV makes Casano feel embarassed.

Casano realized that for her and others, the look of an IV can be daunting, so she developed the idea for the “Medi Teddy." It's an IV cover with a pouch that looks like a teddy bear.

She created the bear to comfort children every time they visit the hospital.

The Medi Teddy quickly transformed from an idea to reality when Casano officially unveiled the Medi Teddy. Her goal is to reduce the anxiety that many children associate with the hospital.

The Medi Teddy was made possible through donations.

After receiving a combination of donations, Casano raised $2,000 to get the teddy covers manufactured. She uses this opportunity to to donate the teddy's to children in hospitals in various countries.

People around the world are grateful for Casano's leadership.

People have not only been thanking Casano for these teddies, they've been inviting her to speak at various events, such as the NYPD Rare Disease event in New York City.

Casano wants to expand as a non-profit.

Since officially becoming a non-profit, Casano wishes to do even more with her business. Her mother continues to support her daughter's vision to add new animals and give the children a variety of friends to choose from.

There are still many kids reaching out for their own Medi Teddy.

With so many children with long term hospital stays, there are more requests coming in for the Medi Teddy. Casano continues to strategize different ways to reach as many children as possible.

Casano is a kid inventor.

At only 13, Casano has been featured in Today, MSN, USA Today and more. She may face unique obstacles but her passion for helping others seems to know no limits.

Let us know what you think of Casano's ambitious story in the comments and if you know a child who would appreciate a Medi Teddy.

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