Parents Online Praise Adaptive Children's Shoes Sold At Nordstrom

Adaptive clothing is getting more and more mainstream. From big brands like Calvin Klein to Nike, clothing that is accessible to everyone is becoming a big selling point for consumers.

Adaptive clothing is specifically designed for those who have trouble dressing. Over at BILLY Footwear, they think they've got the whole shoe thing on lock. And I have to agree!

Just so we're clear, these shoes are DOPE.

Um, hi. These? These are cool. BILLY created these shoes with the "universal design" principle — they're made for everyone, not just the able-bodied. They saw technology embrace universal design, so why not do that for fashion, too?

The heart of the company is its founders.

Seattle residents Darin Donaldson and Billy Price conceived of the idea for inclusive shoes after Billy became paralyzed from the chest down in the 1980s. He adapted to putting most of his clothes on with his limited mobility, but shoes were always an issue.

See, adaptive shoes were functional, but they weren't always stylish.

Billy and Darin decided to change that. Billy knew product design, and Darin knew business. Together, they sat down to create something Billy would be happy wearing, sacrificing neither functionality, nor style.

They quickly realized this was growing bigger than the two of them.

"But the solution Billy was seeking for his own challenges grew into something bigger—it became a mission to create mainstream shoes that are functional, fashionable, and inclusive for everyone," they said on their site.

These days, they offer a wide range of shoes.

From men, to women, to kids, BILLY has shoes for everyone. They also have a bunch of different styles, like work shoes, weekend shoes, and boots!

I gotta say, their kid's shoes are ADORABLE.

I mean, look at those little boots with the faux fur around the top! This pair is $60 and actually has a blush sparkle shimmer all over. I want to wear these, tbh.

There's truly a pair for everyone.

These high-top camo shoes are such a fashion moment! BILLY has a good handle on what shoes are going to be trending and actually keeps up with those trends beautifully.

These ones are Men's and available for $75.

All of their shoes have 5-star reviews.

People LOVE the shoes, saying that they're incredibly easy to slip off and zip back on. They also say the zipper is discreet! Not gonna lie, I want a pair — these are totally my style.

Online, parents have praised the shoes in viral posts.

One mom drew attention to the shoes in a Facebook post after purchasing them for her daughter:

"Special needs moms: I’m so excited about these shoes I just found Laura at Nordstrom! They are “Billy” brand. Where have these been all my life?! Unbelievably easy to get on over braces! She got the lavender and the gray high tops. So cute too!" she said.

They're creating a new frontier of fashion.

"It is clear that the world is ready for greater inclusion in fashion. Everybody is unique and we all want to express ourselves and feel confident. BILLY Footwear is proud to be a part of this movement."

You can purchase BILLY footwear online or at Nordstrom stores.

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