Dolly Parton Wishes For Kindness On Her 75th Birthday

Dolly Parton is undeniably one of the most beautiful celebrities, inside and out. It's hard to believe the eternally youthful songstress is turning 75 years old today, but it's true!

Fans have taken to social media to wish the blonde bombshell a happy birthday, and in return, Dolly is giving fans a beautiful message in return!

Loving Dolly Parton is like breathing oxygen or paying taxes — it's mandatory for all humans!

Now, the "Jolene" singer is celebrating her 75th trip around the sun, which is crazy because she literally looks like she hasn't aged since the '80s!

Now, Dolly is taking time out of her birthday to send US a message of love and light!

"Thank you for all of the love on my birthday," Dolly began.

"This year my wish is a call for kindness. We can’t just hope for a brighter day, we have to work for a brighter day."

"Love too often gets buried in a world of hurt and fear," she continued.

"We have to work to dig it out so we can share it with our family, our friends and our neighbors. So today, January 19th, let’s get to unearthing love."

Just when you thought you couldn't love Dolly any more, she goes off and makes the world a better place on her OWN BIRTHDAY!

Happy birthday, Queen!