Grow Pineapple-Flavored Hula Berries To Add A Taste Of The Tropics To Your Garden

At first glance, these cute little berries are easy to misidentify as strawberries. However, they're actually hula berries that taste more like pineapples than strawberries. These may be the perfect summer snacks and the best way to fool your friends with stawberry-like masters of disguise.

They aren't genetically modified.

Seeing unique berries like these may scream that they've been man-made or even hybrids, but they're actually cross-pollinated with a naturally grown strawberry plant.

They go by many names.

While hula berry is pretty darn adorable, these little ones also come in many other names. They're called alpine berries, pineberries and even white strawberries. Regardless of what you call them, they're all pretty delicious.

They aren't usually available in grocery stores.

While it would be great to see these babies at the grocery store, it's unlikely. However, you can grow your own, which is the safest way to make sure you've got a continual supply.

They're pretty easy to grow.

When it comes to growing hula berries, cross-pollination is the name of the game. Planting three hula berries beside one red strawberry plant will increase your chances of being successful.

Let us know what you think of hula berries in the comments and if you plan to grow your own.