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These DIY Pyramid Planters Will Give Our Strawberry Plants A Whole New Look

Of all the delectable berries that grow on the vine, strawberries are a sure favorite. They aren't just good but they're also incredibly good for you. But for most of us, we only get to enjoy them as an occasional treat.

Now, thanks to the ingenuity of some DIY pros, you can build your own pyramid planter that's guaranteed to give your strawberry plants a whole new look.

Unless you happen to be a farmer, you'll likely be surprised to learn that strawberries grow best in a pyramid.

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Not only does the pyramid shape allow for optimal water drainage among the plants, but it also provides ample space for the strawberries to be able to grow over time.

The best part is you can find plans to create your own pyramid for free!

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On the website RemoveAndReplace, they provide clear instructions on how to build an 11-tier pyramid, completely free of charge.

The only cost incurred will be that of the materials, which comes out to roughly $200.

If that's not to your liking, you can find all sorts of designs on Etsy as well.

Etsy store WoodGears have designed a beautiful planter all their own that's also significantly smaller; only six tiers as opposed to twelve.

The schematics for this design aren't free but they can still be bought for less than $5.

And for those who aren't handy at all (like me) there's always the option to buy a pre-made kit.

Etsy stores like HamersCraft cater to those who tend to do more damage than good when they pick up a hammer.

Have you ever grown strawberries before? Would you add this to your home garden? Leave a comment below and let us know!