Keep Critters Away From Your Garden By Painting Rocks To Look Like Strawberries

Did you realize that spring is literally a few days away? OMG, I just looked at my calendar and said, "Yay!" I'm so excited for spring to come our way. Can you tell?

One of the reasons I'm thrilled is because I'm planning to start a garden this year and grow some strawberries. And I just stumbled upon this hack to keep the critters away.

Are you a gardener yourself?

Unsplash | Marta Bibi

I have to admit this will be my first year planting an outdoor garden, and I just can't wait. The excitement is starting to build, and I'm already planning what kind of veggies and fruits to plant.

One of the fruits that's on my radar this year is strawberries.

Unsplash | Farsai Chaikulngamdee

My fiancé loves the taste, and I would like to try growing some in our garden. It would also be really nice to give a bunch to my parents, who are huge fans, as well.

Strawberries are actually not that hard to grow in a backyard garden, or so I hear.

Unsplash | dfkt

Whether that's true or not, I guess I'm about to find out. One thing to keep in mind when you plant any fruits is keeping the birds and other critters away.

Just like humans, birds can't resist the sweet taste of strawberries.

Ha, ha, can you blame them? So what do you do to protect your precious strawberries from being consumed by these creatures? Well, as it turns, out there's a neat trick you can use.

Some clever person came up with an idea to paint rocks to look like strawberries.

OMG, what? I've never heard of this. Have you? What sorcery is this? The idea is simple when you think about it. It's going to confuse the birds.

See, what you do is you paint those rocks...

... and then you scatter them all around your strawberry plants. When the birds see them, they will try to peck at them. Of course, they won't be able to eat them, right?

The birds will simply get annoyed pecking at these hard rocks.

So they will give up and fly away, leaving your strawberries alone. Is this genius or what? Why didn't I think of that idea? That's what I would like to know, ha, ha!

Not only is this trick great for birds, but apparently, it works for bunnies, squirrels, and chickens, too.

Unsplash | Caleb Martin

I don't have a chicken coop, but we do get lots of squirrels in our backyard all summer long. And we get a few bunnies, too.

It could be such a cute and fun project you can do with your kiddos.

You can get them interested in gardening by helping you make these adorable fake strawberries. What do you think of the idea? Do you think your kids would like it?

Then, the kids can help you spread these all among your strawberry garden.

It would be fun to get the kids doing something other than just playing video games. Am I right? And what a great reason for everybody to get outside.

There are so many cute ways you can paint these strawberry rocks.

I've only given you a few ideas to get your creative juices started, ha, ha! I think these look so awesome. Don't you think so, too? Such a fun activity to do.

Oh my, don't these look delicious or what?

I definitely understand how they can get mistaken for the real thing. I wonder how annoyed the birds get when they can't peck at these. I know that sounded mean, but I swear, I do love birds.

I have to admit we do have one very smart squirrel that comes to visit our backyard.

I wonder if these would fool him too. I might do this just to see if he's as smart as I think he is, hee, hee!

So what do you think of this idea?

Unsplash | Oliver Hale

Do you think it's going to work to keep all these critters away from your strawberries? I'm going to give it a try. It sounds like such an easy and fun solution, so why not?