Dollar Store Hack To Transform A Boring Backsplash Is Perfect For Renters

If you're a renter with an ugly kitchen or bathroom backsplash, have no fear: your woes have finally come to an end.

As a renter, you know the pain of being stuck with whatever your landlord chooses for your place — and more often than not, it's pretty ugly.

TikTok user Annika Hinds, aka @blondesigns, decided to change that, and the results are amazing!

So, here's what we're working with:

What a perfectly lovely and boring rental kitchen! So many of us have kitchens that look just like this. Rather than thinking of it as something bland, think of it as a blank slate!

You'll need to head to the dollar store for this hack.

Almost any dollar store will have these self-adhesive wall tiles. The uglier, the better. Why? Because it's all the more satisfying to change them, of course.

Paint comes next.

House paint is the way to go for this kind of project.

"I get the sample sizes because they're super cheap and they last me forever for little projects like this," Annika said.

Add the details.

Get as creative as you want here! You can add in some faux grout, or even paint designs all over it and have some fun! It's your backsplash, make it the way you want it to look.

You'll need one crucial ingredient to finish it off.

A clear sealer will help prolong the life of your backsplash. Go for a waterproof one if you're putting yours near a water source. You'll thank me later.


It looks amazing! If you're really worried about the adhesive, stick the tiles to some cardboard and use some removable 3M strips to stick the cardboard to the wall.

One commenter had an important warning:

I did not even think about this! So, note to self: maybe only use these in a bathroom, or above the sink. No heat allowed near the plastic backsplash, people.

If your local dollar store doesn't have the tiles, don't worry.

You can either buy some from Amazon, or hit up Dollar Tree's website and buy in bulk. Return what you don't use to your local Dollar Tree and get your money back!

You can watch the TikTok here!

If you're not following @blondesigns on TikTok, you simply must. Annika has the best hacks for renters and owners, and she does it all on a budget!