10+ Clever Ikea Hacks For Tiny Kitchens

Let's be real, there's nothing that can't be solved by a trip to Ikea.

Short on storage? Ikea. Need a lamp? Ikea. Having a hard time maximizing the space in your kitchen? Ikea.

Marriage problems? Date in the Ikea food court. Get the meatballs.

Anyway, if you're looking to get more out of your kitchen, then you're in the right place. Let's do this.

This hack is the perfect solution for awkward-sized pans.

Ikea Hackers

Sick of trying to find space for pans? This clever hack might work for you. Stack three GNEDBY shelves in a row with the backs removed, then strap them together. This hack is the perfect solution for when you need something narrow, yet deep.

Create a moveable island for a fraction of the cost.

Ikea Hackers

See that cute island? It was a breeze to do. You can follow the instructions here. An important note: If you want yours to be more mobile, consider putting it on casters!

Have your coffee pods and store them, too.

Ikea Hackers

Coffee pods take up more space than they have any right to, frankly. This hack uses the Grundtal towel rail and shelf to create a fold-away place for the pods! Get the instructions here.

Move upward.


No one does shelving like Ikea. Create more space for storage by adding shelves to the walls! It's a great way to lean into the open shelving trend, and it's also an excuse to buy and display some plants.

BEKVÄM spice racks are infinitely hackable.

Ikea Hackers

They're hackable, they're stackable, and they're bringin' home the gold! Skip over expensive cabinet shelves and opt for a bunch of BEKVÄMs. They're cheap and incredibly easy to customize!

Use a cabinet as a room divider.

Reddit | DavidBenAkiva

Short on floor space and storage? This might be the hack for you. Using a mid-height BILLY and a custom top, you can give yourself more kitchen space than a studio or one-bedroom could ever offer.

Create a pantry cabinet from some CD shelves.

Ikea Hackers

Yes, they still exist! How crazy is that? The Gnedby is pretty hackable (I have one myself), but this hack takes the cake. Adding in sliding rails turned it into a pantry cabinet!

Create an unexpected pantry.


I'm planning to do this in my house! The BILLY bookcase with doors is the ideal size for an open wall next to my kitchen. Buying it in white will help it blend in with my walls!

Make a compact table space.

This table only has one leg! Mounting the table top to the wall cuts down on space needed for legs. You could also put the table on a hinge, so that it folds in and out!

Take trash vertical.

Ikea Hackers

This is perfect for those who aren't into keeping their trash under the sink! Using an Ikea shoe cabinet and Ikea recycle bins, you can create a tiered trash system for your tiny kitchen. Check it out here.

Create a wine rack for a narrow space.

Ikea Hackers

With an added herb garden option! This hack utilizes something pretty unexpected — a towel bar! Get the instructions here. A note from a post on Ikea hackers: If you can't find that towel bar in your area, opt for this one instead.

Use a magazine bin for some secret cabinet storage.

Ikea Hackers

Heck yes! This hack uses the KNUFF magazine holder to keep oddly shaped bottles in an out-of-the-way place. Reclaim your cabinet space!

Get clunky kitchen tools out of your drawers.

Ikea Hackers

Sometimes, you have no choice but to hang stuff up. And that's okay! This hack uses a trivet to hang everything up and out of sight in a pantry. Genius.

Pick up some wire baskets for cabinet storage.


You can mount them in your cabinets, or even find a way to have them stand freely. Either way, doubling up that space will really help you stay organized.

Line those spices up and roll them away.

Ikea Hackers

And here we are with the Beckväm spice racks once more. However, they're not hanging on anything this time! Instead, they're nailed together and stacked in a drawer for convenient spice storage. Neat!

Get a cart.


I have a cart in my kitchen that I use as a bar cart, and it works great! The RÅSKOG carts are a cheap and easy solution. I prefer the more squared-off one, but that's just me.

Never overlook a dual purpose opportunity.

Ikea Hackers

Is it an island? Yes! Is it a dining room table? Also yes! It's a DIY island/eat-in kitchen table, and it's awesome. Find out how to make your own here.

Keep your cookbooks on display.


Remember the wall space thing we were talking about? It works for cookbooks, too. Until you make a switch to an all-digital collection, that is.

Create your own vertical storage.

Ikea Hackers

If you don't want to shell out a lot for a really, really tall storage unit, consider this hack: Stack two Ikea pieces on top of each other. The far more in-depth explanation is here.

Have fun with storage.

Ikea Hackers

Short on space for spice storage? Then this is the hack for you. Using some Ikea tubes and a custom-built holder, you can get your nerd on in the kitchen! Get the instructions here.

This hack is pretty in-depth.

Reddit | CxTillDie

But it's the perfect, compact solution for very small apartments.

"Turned 180cm KNOXHULT for 110$ into 120cm unit that holds built-in fridge + hot plate + washing machine, this is more like full DIY not as easy as it looks but can be done, great for tiny apartments that are on a budget," user CxTillDie said on Reddit.

Get all the details here.

Make a stylish rolling kitchen cart.

Ikea Hackers

Can you believe this is actually made out of those BEKVÄM spice racks and some copper pipe? Get all the details right here.