Unsplash | Jo Szczepanska

10+ Smart Products That Upgrade The Things We Already Own

Let's be real: sometimes, you just know your stuff could be used a little differently. Improved upon. Upgraded, even.

Well, never fear. Little annoyances don't have to be an issue anymore, because I have gone out and found some solutions for you. We've got phone grips, we've got mask savers, we've got desk work lights. We've got it all, y'all!

A silicone hook for your mask.


Because we're all wearing them right now, and they're kind of a pain — literally.

If you find your mask is rubbing against your ears, consider this little mask clip! It'll hold it for you and save you an actual earache.

A ceramic mixing bowl for a stand mixer.


Because those silver ones are okay, but the ceramic ones? They make the silver ones look like hot garbage. I mean, look how pretty that bowl is! I want one.

A PopSocket for your phone.


When I tell you that I can't live without one of these, I am only slightly exaggerating. It seriously helps ease the ache in your hands from using your phone, and they're all stylish AF!

And while we're at it: A PopSocket mount for your car.


This is the other thing I can't live without. Having this stuck to my car dash is a serious godsend for when I need to be navigating around the city.

The coolest part? You can use them around the house, too!

This helpful cable organizer.


Keeping these anywhere near your desk is going to make your life easier, trust me. They help keep all you cables wrangled and untangled. Rhyming. Anyway, I can't recommend these enough!

This life-saving desk accessory.


I run my own small business, and I don't think I could do it without this thing. It's a ring light and a phone holder desk mount, and it clips onto most surfaces easily.

I use it the way it's pictured here, but it's also great for vloggers and makeup artists!

Some silicone caps to turn your AirPods into AirPod Pros.


These things are about to save you so much money. Instead of springing for AirPod Pros, pick up these silicone caps and enjoy your AirPods actually fitting properly for once.

They come in white, black, pink, and blue!

This frankly hilarious fan will help keep you cool wherever you go.


Guys. This fan looks like an octopus. Its most popular use is definitely for attaching to strollers to keep babies cool, but there's no limit to where you could use this in your home!

This mug warmer.


Okay, so this has a few uses. One: as a mug warmer. Duh. Two: as a candle warmer. Three: to heat up queso and keep it warm while you eat it. I know, that last one is genius.

A blindspot mirror.


If you just can't seem to be able to get your mirror adjusted to reveal your blindspot, never fear: this tiny mirror is here to save you and your neck.

A new lens set for your phone.


This pro lens kit is a must for anyone who enjoys photography as a hobby, or who runs their own business! I own it, and I love to take macro shots of my products.

A label maker.


Anything is upgraded with a label. That's science. Like that cat? You wouldn't even know it was a cat if it wasn't labelled. Thank god for this label maker.

A purse organizer insert to keep you from losing everything in your bag.


No more fumbling for your wallet, phone, or keys! This purse organizer fits perfectly into your bag and keeps everything from jumbling up at the bottom of your bag.

Some scrubbing attachments for your drill.


If you have a drill, that is. If you don't... get a drill, dude. They're so useful. Like if you need to do some deep cleaning and don't have a tool tough enough, you could pick up some scrubbing attachments to get the job done!