People Are Torn After Already Spotting Fall Decor In Hobby Lobby

While many of us are still hashing out our bathing suits for the summer, Hobby Lobby is many steps ahead of the game. In fact, they're in the future, with fall decor already emerging before summer has even started.

It may not make sense to move ahead so quickly, but when Hobby Lobby calls, the home decor enthusiasts listen. Here are some of the fall goodies that have been spotted so far.

Put down your swim floaty, it's time to pick up pumpkin decor.

First up, we've got these adorable outdoor stakes with a pile of pumpkins stacked onto a car with the proud declaration, "It's Fall Y'all." Apparently, Hobby Lobby isn't afraid to manifest the season they are longing for.

We're suddenly craving a pumpkin spice latte.

Next up, we've got pumpkin artwork and some tractor welcome sign stakes. Maybe some people won't get it, but Hobby Lobby is certainly doing a great job persuading the masses with their irresistible decor.

Hobby Lobby makes off-season turn into in-season.

Maybe it sounds a bit odd to have an apple cider sign hanging in your home before summer even starts, but many would argue that apple cider is tasty and applicable all year long.

Some people have even made videos out of their recent Hobby Lobby Fall finds.

From fall candles to every variation of a pumpkin you can think of, Hobby Lobby has introduced store shoppers to a buffet of tempting options. This selection will probably have most people ready to forget summer and start falling in love with fall all over again.

They didn't leave out Thanksgiving either.

Hobby Lobby isn't just going for a broad range of Fall decor items, they've even stocked up for all of the classic fall holidays. From Halloween to Thanksgiving and even some Christmas stuff, they've got everything covered.

It's particularly hard to believe that they have Christmas stuff already.

While fall decor can be seen as cleverly getting ahead of the game, some Hobby Lobby shoppers are still processing the Christmas items on the shelves. While it's dubbed the most wonderful time of the year, we may be hopping in a time machine a little too abruptly.

With that said, we all either have or are the person that will buy everything.

It may be odd but people are certainly heading to Hobby Lobby to take a look. We have a suspicion that people are doing more than investigating these seasonal goodies, in fact, we're almost sure that a good amount of the fall and winter decor is ending up in the cart to be taken home.

For many people, this timing makes perfect sense.

While those looking for decorations may be a bit irked by the fall decor showing up so soon, others rely on it. One commenter explained that professional crafters need supplies early to complete their projects by the winter months. Suddenly, it's all coming together.

As usual, Hobby Lobby has it all figured out.

While they've got some fall decor going, Hobby Lobby hasn't forgotten about the joys of summer. So, it's got something for any and all seasonal needs. We're pretty sure it's time to stop by Hobby Lobby for the thousandth time because we must have missed something last time.

Let us know what you think of Hobby Lobby's fall decor in the comments and if this season gives you a reason to head over to your local store and start shopping.