Paint Old Bricks To Look Like Your Favorite Books For Easy Garden Decor

While many people love books, they don't love the idea of their books being left outside and exposed to the elements. A garden library sounds elegant in theory but destructive in practice.

To bridge this gap, some are choosing the unique hobby of painting bricks to look like books for their garden decor, and it's opening a new chapter for making every garden cute.

It's okay to leave these brick books outside.

While no self-respecting bookworm would ever leave their favorite novel outside for the dirt and critters to get on, they may be down to leaving the brick version outside.

The best part may just be that more bricks equal more books to decorate the garden with.

Don't forget the classics.

Whether you replicate your favorite classic books or create completely new ones, there really aren't any limits to this brick book DIY. Bricks and paint supplies can be easily purchased, which leaves more time for your imagine to get the pages turning.

There are even pre-made ones available for all of the non-painters.

Painting isn't exactly everyone's jam, which is alright. Especially, because pre-made brick books are sold on Etsy from multiple sellers. In fact, many offer customized brick books based on your favorite book. MoeOryx is an Etsy store that makes sure all of your brick book dreams come true. Prices vary.

This is an activity for the entire family.

While reading a book to ourselves may be a solitary activity, making brick books is perfect for everyone in the family. It can be a blast to gather your loved ones for a day of brick book making.

Let us know what you think of these painted brick books in the comments and if you plan on giving this strategy a try.

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