Woman Pays For Stranger's Cake To Honor Her Late Son On His 35th Birthday

One Indiana resident was absolutely floored earlier this month when she found that a complete stranger had committed a wonderful act of kindness — and it transpired that the stranger was trying to turn a tragic anniversary into a wonderful day for another.

There can never be enough random acts of kindness in this world, and what follows is one to leave not a dry eye in the house.

Carolyn Mick was picking up her son's birthday cake when she received quite the shock.

Unsplash | Robert Anderson

When Carolyn Mick arrived at Plainfield Kroger grocery store to collect and pay for a cake for her son's fifth birthday, she found that a complete stranger had already paid for the cake.

Carolyn then found that a heartbreaking note had been left with the cake.

"Today is my son's 35th birthday, his 5th one in heaven. In his memory, I've paid for your cake. Please enjoy, make special memories and hug your children and loved ones tight. My son loved cake! Toni, Tyler's mom," the note read.

Carolyn then shared the note to a local Facebook group, writing, "Dear Toni.. you know who you are and I want to express how moved I am. This means so much that my husband and I cried together. With the turmoil of things going on it reminds us of what really matters LIFE!"

The note particularly moved Carolyn as she had also recently suffered a loss of her own.

Unsplash | Jacinta Christos

Carolyn had recently also lost her mother, and was worried about what to do on her mother's upcoming birthday. In an interview with People, Carolyn explained:

"The reason it meant a lot was that I just lost my mother and was pondering on how to celebrate her birthday coming up in June. Never thought about paying for a cake. We have it in us to be kind and supportive of others. You never know what a simple cake can mean to someone else."

The touching story of kindness also moved a lot of people in the local group.

Unsplash | Mayur Gala

Many people expressed their love for the gesture, with people writing such messages as:

"THIS IS JUST THE BEST ! Toni- I love how you are honoring Tyler and blessing someone else and sharing with us all to cherish our time with our loved ones. We are not guaranteed another day and we all to often take that for granted. I didn't know Tyler personally but I know Ryan was close with him and greatly impacted his life!"

"Oh my goodness - this is beautiful and a wonderful way to honor someone. Thanks, Toni! Now everyone is cherishing your son today."

"This was so sweet on behalf of both. Later this year, I will be celebrating my daughter's ten year rebirthday. Ever since her passing, I have done something, even if it is little, to celebrate her birthdays and rebirthdays. It is impossible to express how paying it forward in some slight way really is therapeutic in making a bittersweet day better."

Toni's actions have touched countless individuals in the best way possible.

It is never easy losing someone close to you, and yet Toni has managed to find a way to turn this sombre occasion into a day that this five-year-old boy and his family will cherish, all in Tyler's name.

This just goes to show that random acts of kindness can, and do, make the world a better place for everyone.

h/t: People