15+ Pics Showing A Solid Act Of Kindness In The Wild

A little bit of kindness goes a long way. An infuriating experience with a co-worker or fellow driver might irk you for a few hours, but a random act of kindness can keep you going for days.

Let's hear it for all of the kind people out there. They really help make the world go 'round.

Merry Christmas!

Reddit | johnnyj953

This elderly man is like a real-life Santa's elf. He must have some serious blisters after creating hundreds of hand-crafted kids' toys. It's truly a labor of love.

Cool water.

Reddit | tdomer80 n

This baby kangaroo was feeling hot and parched after wildfires scorched much of Australia. Here we see a kind person help give the little 'roo a drink of water and a refreshing shower.

Beautiful story.

Reddit | steviesays2

"Our neighbour doesn't have Wi-Fi, so we talked her through joining ours," wrote the kind soul who posted this pic on Reddit. "Once on she received 70 messages from her children living overseas."

A helping hand.

Reddit | CipherX52

This young man was having trouble tying his tie on the way to a job interview. An older gent spotted this and came over to help him look his best.

Hopefully they get it back.

Reddit | punkeddiemurphy

Most cyclists know how infuriating it is to have an expensive bike get stolen. Most of the time, they're gone forever. But occasionally, a Good Samaritan helps them find their rightful home.

$51 million of fun.

Reddit | Ramb0Brit3

This is just a wonderful story. Amusement parks can be difficult to navigate for people with special needs, so it's awesome to see someone create a space with accessibility in mind.

A new home?

Reddit | cancerman3000

This priest can often be found with a stray dog by his side as he delivers his sermons. The objective is to get these homeless doggos adopted by members of the congregation.


Reddit | idunnomysex

This system is in place in Norway. Cup holders on the sides of trash cans help keep recyclables out of the garbage, while giving the homeless an easy way to collect them for refunds.

Gold star for this teacher.

Reddit | drizzyjaay

"I moved out of my toxic household a few days ago," wrote the high school senior who posted this. "My math teacher today gave me this envelope containing this."

Rock-a-bye baby.

Reddit | humansof

This kind stranger offered to help rock a fussing baby to sleep so his parents could enjoy a night out. Some people just have that magic touch when it comes to calming little ones down.

A private concert.

Reddit | Undertheweatherornot

This gentleman is in palliative care, meaning he will die in hospital. To make his final days more enjoyable, a whole choir came into the hospice to put on a private concert.

This is for you, Mom.

Reddit | wetthing

Houston Texans receiver DeAndre Hopkins makes sure to find his mom and give her the game ball every time he scores a touchdown. This helps his mom, who has no sight, stay connected to his accomplishments.

A little help from the laundromat.

Reddit | qu1etmast3rmind

The world can be a cruel place: You need to look good to get a job, but it's hard to look good when you have no money. This laundromat has a simple offer for anyone in this predicament.

Right here.

Reddit | Majestic_Beard

This person lost their car keys while out for a run. They went to look for them, expecting a needle-in-a-haystack scenario. But, as you can see, a kind stranger highlighted the lost keys.

Honorary trash collector.

Reddit | Benzona

"Every Thursday morning my little nephew waits for the garbage man to arrive so he can help," wrote this little guy's uncle. "Today they brought him a WM hat to wear."

Good legislation.

Reddit | Cenat16

Drug costs, even for those that are inexpensive to produce and have life-saving potential, are often obscenely high. More legislation like this is needed to help people in need.


Reddit | dreamhours

Last Thanksgiving, the person who posted this pic was all alone. Their neighbor, a total stranger, realized this and brought over a full Thanksgiving dinner for them.

Lizard escape route.

Reddit | elch3w

If you live somewhere hot and dry, you know that lizards have a way of getting everywhere. Whoever's in charge of maintaining this sink decided to give them a helping, stick.

It takes a village.

Reddit | 5_Frog_Margin

This is great for everyone involved! The owners get a more well-behaved dog, pedestrians get barked at less, and Herbie gets way more treats!

Personalized care.

Reddit | 5_Frog_Margin

The backstory to this photo is this: "Zebra foals imprint on their mother's stripe pattern. Sheldrick Wildlife Trust keepers wear a special coat to care for an orphaned zebra foal." I'm sure this wasn't necessary, but knowing they went the extra mile to provide that avenue of comfort is truly heartwarming.

From one dog owner to another.

Reddit | manicandflood

As you can see, this user wrote a note to their neighbors apologizing for their puppy howling and received the sweetest response! I'd just like to point out two amazing things: 1) Their dog is named Beef and 2) their neighbor has the nicest handwriting I've ever seen.

Around, not through.

Reddit | DRAWKWARD79

This is the uploader's own wrist, showing off how during their surgery, their surgeon cut around their tattoo instead of through it. The comments were filled with people sharing similar stories, including one woman who had a surgery on her back where the surgeon managed to keep her huge back tattoo looking perfect once it healed!

A fated meeting.

Reddit | elch3w

This is Khemjira Klongsanun, a woman in Thailand who was running a marathon when she found an abandoned puppy. She proceeded to carry it with her the rest of the way, a whole 19 miles, before adopting him! His name is Chombueng, and now he's all grown up, as seen on the right!

We all deserve a chance to play.

Reddit | LucidElkk

From reading the comments to this post, this seems to be pretty common at water parks across the nation! I imagine this is what heaven looks like, actually, minus the wet dog smell.

Trying to keep warm.

Reddit | mattbot106

This man recycles old coolers that would otherwise be thrown away into mini shelters for stray and outdoor cats in the winter! It's green, it's keeping local animals safe, and he looks so happy to be doing it!

Discreet but touching help.

Reddit | Oldmate81

This user's tale went like this, "A coworker noticed my boots needed replacing, I'm casual and new boots are at my cost. These were waiting for me at my workstation. He covertly acquired my size and everything. They were $179 that I just couldn't afford at the moment."

Quality time together.

Reddit | T4C000

This man built this bike so he could continue cycling with his wife who has Alzheimer's. Not only is it touching and sweet, but a few users complimented him on the design choices, meaning he really put a lot of care and thought into his work.

Fresh from the hive.

Reddit | NationHood

"A beekeeper removed a hive of bees from our wall and gave us this cup full of honey from the hive," wrote this poster. I think we could all use a beekeeper in our lives.

Patience is a virtue.

Reddit | MSottalyTober

For backstory, "My upstairs neighbors have two kids that consistently stomp and roughhouse and even though it can be much at times, my wife and I let it go because NYC isn’t exactly a place you can let them run around wild outside. This was found hanging on our door this week."

The note reads, "This is long overdue. We are so sorry. We will keep trying to be quiet(er)!" Along with an apology from the kids for stomping so much. These two show how empathetic and understanding they can be, and the rewards that can bring!


Reddit | Floker1

This guy's boss modified his work equipment so he'd be able to use it despite his new disability. Clearly, he works for a company that's willing to go the extra mile.