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15+ Heartwarming Pics With Inspiring Backstories

Every now and then, we need a reminder of the good deeds people are doing in the world. It's much too easy to get bogged down in negativity, especially when it feels like that's all you ever see and hear.

Of course, the do-gooders also deserve the shout-outs too, but that's not why they do it. But we'll give them the credit all the same!

The world needs more Mikails.

Reddit | StudMuffinNick

FedEx driver Mikail Farrar went above and beyond for a six-year-old on his route who wanted to send a skateboard to Tony Hawk.

He didn't have Tony's address, so Mikail made a TikTok vid reaching out to the skateboarding legend. The community loved the idea and made sure the video was spread far and wide so Tony would see it - and see it he did. In fact, Tony agreed to exchange skateboards with his young fan.

So precious in so many ways.

Reddit | andthenhestabbedme

"My cat ripped open his favorite toy. This is my grandma sewing it back together," wrote the uploader of this pic. Obviously the toy is precious, but so is Grandma for treating the cat so wonderfully well.

"I tried to keep him from carrying it all over the house, but he would open drawers and stuff to get it. Eventually, it was like, alright fine! It's yours now!"

Okay, that's a good surgeon.

Reddit | DRAWKWARD79

"Wrist surgery," the uploader explained. "My surgeon incised around my tattoo. He could have not cared and cut right through it."

That's some next level attention to detail as well as caring for your patient's long-term well being.

"Housing program in Minneapolis had asked for donations since local grocery stores closed."

Reddit | skylerhawk

It's tough times all over, but it's hard to keep a community down when it's this generous.

The turnout in Minneapolis for a pair of food drives was nothing short of overwhelming, with donations piling up as far as the eye could see.

Looking after the neighborhood.

Reddit | M0RALVigilance

Mickey's N.Y. Pizza wanted to make sure that folks in the area weren't going without during dark times, so they offered up free slices, no questions asked.

And it wasn't just for a day or two - locals said that the sign was like this for weeks.

It takes a village.

Reddit | nica082408

"My neighbor who is a active mountain bike rider, has spent the last 30 min out front teaching my son about his new mountain bike and the pieces of it and how to use the gears correctly," the uploader of this pic wrote.

Nothing like passing along the right way to do things to the next generation.

A just reward.

Facebook | Arsalan Iftikhar (

Young Jack here heard that his local mosque had been vandalized and chipped in $20 that he'd been saving to put toward an iPad to help pay for the cleanup.

When the American Muslim Community heard about his selflessness, they chipped in to get him that iPad.

This is how you know you're doing it right.

Reddit | DRoss_64

"My step dad spending his hours after his full time job to build UV disinfecting boxes for the local Covid-19 clinics."

When kids look up to their folks for the good things they're doing, it's a pretty special feeling.

There's nothing quite like the kindness of strangers.

Reddit | Loozar

"Kid was desperately trying and failing to do it himself," the uploader explained. "Fellow passenger asked if he needed help. San Francisco today."

It must have been an important trip, maybe a job interview, and the other passenger clearly sensed it.

Nothing like the kindness of strangers, part two.

Facebook | Denise Wilson

You hear so many horror stories about public transit, but good people take it too. The guy in red here wanted to help his kid with his math homework but was far enough removed from his own schooling that he was a bit confused, too. He just happened to be sitting next to a former math teacher, who offered to help.

"He asked the guy to quiz him and everything he got wrong or was confused about he broke it down and corrected him," wrote the uploader. "By the end of my train ride the guy in the red had a better understanding he can bring home a new method and teach his child."

"My coworker (a mountain farmer in Switzerland) using a drone to look for baby deer in the tall grass before cutting it."

Reddit | ya_boy08

Drones have a bit of a bad rap as well, but when you see them put to use like this, to protect wildlife that could otherwise be injured, it's hard to argue against that tech.


Twitter | @typeA__

Just imagine all the years of hard work and sacrifice that went into giving this guy an education and a solid foundation for the future. That's some super parenting.

Gratitude all around.

Twitter | @ochocinco

This was the tip left by former NFLer Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson to try to help the staff at a struggling restaurant get back on their feet.

The grateful restaurant made sure to express their thanks with a Facebook post as well.

Teamwork at the ballpark.

Twitter | @Braves

A JROTC cadet drew the honor of standing by the empty seat at SunTrust Park that's dedicated to the memory of the more than 92,000 American soldiers who have gone MIA or been taken POW since WWI, and when rain broke out, a fan refused to let the cadet get soaked.

The look of love.

Reddit | komposureTV

"A Mariachi musician let a deaf kid put his head on the guitarron so he could hear it," the uploader of this pic wrote. "He was amazed!"

Talk about good vibrations!

More good teamwork.

Reddit | luckyfish413

This Walmart worker is helping a blind man pick out a toy for for a three-year-old girl, making suggestions and providing descriptions as the man feels them over, trying to get it just right for the little one.

More than one lesson here.

Reddit | Kafshak

This teacher in Iran drives from town to town to teach his students, sometimes just to teach a single student at a time, and uses his car as his whiteboard.

Someone knew, and knew the right thing to do.

Reddit | Joel_Cantelo

"Took my niece for a 7/8km walk yesterday, she lost 'Iggle Piggle' (AKA Mr Meseeks)... after a full super Saiyan meltdown all day," wrote the uploader. "I went and recreated the walk today and someone had picked him up and stuck him so we’d find him. Thanks stranger bro."

How neighborly!

Reddit | Waterproof_soap

This homeowner is really looking out for their neighbors, not just providing food, but the means for others to grow their own. And it's not just a packet of seeds, either - they've gone the extra mile to get the plants started growing, too!

And a Merry Christmas to all!

Reddit | banginbowties

The uploader spotted this man buying all the leftover Santa hats from Wal-Mart after Christmas. When asked why he was getting them, the man answered, "I do this every year after Christmas and donate them to children's hospitals for next year." He's making sure the Christmas spirit stays alive in everyone, especially those who need it most.

No one should go without Thanksgiving dinner.

Reddit | dreamhours

A personal tale from the poster themselves, they uploaded this photo with the caption, "A neighbor I've never even spoken to saw that I was home alone all day on Thanksgiving and brought me this." Apparently they still didn't really speak afterwards, but the poster didn't mind, this act of kindness was enough to show their neighbor's true colors.

A calming aura.

Reddit | humansof

A husband and wife tried to go out for dinner with their newborn baby, but couldn't get him to stop crying. As they were packing their things to leave, a couple sitting next to them offered to calm and watch him while they ate so they could still enjoy themselves. He spent the night sleeping on the man's shoulder!

A double whammy of consideration.

Reddit | idunnomysex

This is a garbage can in Norway, which has a buyback system for bottles and cans to promote recycling. This is often used by the poor and homeless to earn a little bit of income. These holders were installed on the side of the bins so those people wouldn't have to go rummaging around in the garbage!

Using your resources.

Reddit | chuckchicken11

A Florida man bought over 100 generators that cost $450 a piece, and had them sent to the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian. This is the sort of thing many only dream about doing but lack the funds to, so it's great to see someone using their money for good.

Reaching out to those who need it most.

Reddit | letmegetinmyzone

Another pizza shop on this list giving out free slices, but this one shows how the owner saw an issue and addressed it directly. The "I have more love for you than you think" really got me. You can tell this person truly cares.

Spreading good ideas.

Reddit | Majestic_Beard

Not only is this incredibly kind, but it's genius! I would have never thought of something this clever, but you bet I'll be remembering it for the future. We can all help each other out!

With her own two hands.

Reddit | Majicjack2434

This woman crocheted all these hats and donated them to her local shelter. Just the look on her face mixed with this kind deed shows that she's incredibly kind. She just looks so happy to be able to give!

Helping someone else live.

Reddit | Necoya

What you're seeing is a mother listening to her late daughter's heartbeat, as she was an organ donor and her heart was given to the man on the left. The person who uploaded the photo was the girl's older sister, and she had this to say about the experience:

"If you're not already an organ donor please sign up. When we were facing so many difficult decisions this one my loving sister had already made for us. [...] The impact it has had on the lives of the recipients is beyond words."

Thanks, 1968 Girl Scouts.

Reddit | PigBeenBorn

It's hard to really see the impact of all these tree-planting initiatives, but one look at this photo reminds us that the change will happen with time, and will be so worth it.

Fresh and clean.

Reddit | qu1etmast3rmind

Being understanding of one's potential circumstances and offering what you can to help them move past that is one action that can make a world of difference. Kudos!

Seeking help.

Reddit | QuestionablySuperFly

While it's disheartening to know that this is needed at all, the fact that some places are dedicated to getting people help and giving them refuge is heartwarming. They're doing incredible work.

Language barrier? No problem!

Reddit | Sincer77

This user wrote the backstory behind this image: "My brother and I were traveling Vietnam by motorbike. My brother's bike broke down and this man pushed it 5km (with his scooter), told the mechanic we needed help, and then bought us beer while the mechanic fixed it. We chatted through Google translate the entire time. Mr. Tran you are a Bro!"

Genuinely wholesome.

Reddit | peroxidexo

Dr. Kwame Stewart is known as the "Street Vet." For the past nine years, he's been checking up on and treating homeless people's pets in California.

"I know that pets are reliant on people but I think people are even more dependent on their pets. They love for them and care for them and it's genuine," he told KABC.

Generational kindness.

Reddit | wetthing

That's DeAndre Hopkins, a wide receiver for the Arizona Cardinals. Whenever he scores, he finds his mother, who lost her eyesight 17 years ago, in the crowd and gives her the ball he scored with. His mom also owns a non-profit called S.M.O.O.O.T.H. that helps victims of domestic violence. An amazing family all around!

In times of crisis.

Reddit | xman1314

This photo was taken at a blood clinic in El Paso after police said there was a desperate need for blood after the shooting in August of 2019. There were also people who came not to donate, but to give water and food to those waiting in line to donate!

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