Resurfaced Angelina Jolie Interview Is Being Called 'Awkward' And 'Sexist'

Another day, another incredibly uncomfortable resurfaced interview from the '90s. This time, it's a baby-faced Angelina Jolie appearing on a very awkward episode of The Late Show with David Letterman back in 1998. As you may have noticed, Mr.Letterman has appeared in a lot of these types of interviews involving young women in Hollywood.

Now, fans are reacting to the unearthed clip featuring Angelina and naturally, it has aged like sour cream.

TikToker account @interview.moments posted the 1998 clip to their account with the caption "angelina jolie on david letterman aka awkward and sexist interview…"

The clip starts out with Angelina joking that she's a "not a good woman" because she doesn't bake or cook.

"That's not exactly the ultimate test," says David as he turns suggestively to the camera.

He then leans in and tells Angelina she smells good.

"That's a lovely fragrance. You smell good, I appreciate that" he quips as the audience laughs.

David goes on to ask the then 21-year-old if she's married, before saying he got married at her age but that that he was "too young" to do so.

At this point Angelina is quiet and is visibly uncomfortable while continuing to smile.

The clip concludes with David saying he heard she's "covered in tattoos."

"Yeah, I am," Angelina replied awkwardly before the clip ends.

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