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16+ Coincidences That Defied The Odds

May 26, 2021

What is a coincidence?

Is it a random event that makes you think, "Huh," before you move on with your day, or is it an event so improbable that it has to be a sign from some higher power?

Whatever your perspective, it's always nice to see when people are able to snap pics of coincidences in the wild. Here are just a few of them.


Have you ever gone to the shooting range and shot the head off a housefly at fifty yards? That's a rhetorical question. Of course you haven't. But this guy has.

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today.

Somebody visiting Norfolk Island off Australia lost their wedding band, and a snorkeler later found it wrapped around a fish! You have to admit, the odds of a snorkeler finding it on a fish seem pretty low.

Sky glitch.

Reddit | jayy8143

The low ceiling of clouds across the sky is pretty typical of a cloudy day, but that random square patch is definitely a bit weird.

Just how?

Reddit | Coolaner

I don't see any nearby roads that this car might have came from, nor can I think of a way that a car might wind up like this.

Birds, man.

Reddit | MyssQyx

This driver was waiting at a drive-thru window when a bird somehow angled its poop through the open window, almost landing a direct hit on the trip counter button.

Double oopsie.

Reddit | fizzelixir

There's some nice timing in this pic to capture not just the guy in the foreground bailing into the water, but also a random guy in the background bailing into the water.


Reddit | KalzK

On one hand, this pigeon totally photobombed this pic. On the other hand, this photo is far more rare than any random couple photo.

The whole gang's here.

Twitter | @SeanaLyn

A group of 15 California condors landed on this person's deck. That might not seem remarkable until you consider that this group represents about 10% of the California condors remaining on the planet.

Got a few dings.

Reddit | Bubblebassass

This pic shows the incredible aftermath of a) a lightning strike on a section of the interstate, b) that section of interstate blowing up, and c) a chunk of it going through a truck windshield.

Thanks, nature.

Reddit | Shark-Farts

Less than an hour before the wedding ceremony, the background was completely fogged out. But when it was go time, Mother Nature gave guests the perfect vista.

Lucky gap.

This tree was struck by lightning, fell, and totally obliterated this car. Thanks to some fortunate spacing, though, the driver was unhurt.

Howl at the moon.

Reddit | ohnoh18

We've all seen clouds that vaguely look like things before, but I don't think I've ever seen one that looks so uncannily like a howling wolf.

It was a good year.

Reddit | default_user2

All the pennies in the till of a cash register were minted in 1979. I wonder what the odds of something like this happening are.

Good hunting.

Reddit | -ipaguy-

These photos were found on the film of a camera at a thrift store. I wonder if the person who found them was Hunting at the Good Will.

Looking good.

The light is coming through this window at just the right angle to give the Danny DeVito a stylish new handbag.


Reddit | natasharts

This guy ran into Jerry Springer at the airport. It's a fun celebrity sighting, but not really a big deal, right?

Scroll down.

Awhile later...

Reddit | natasharts

The very next day, the same guy ran into the same Jerry Springer at a Verizon store. It was nice of Jerry to pose for this pic.


Reddit | Coolaner

Here's another car accident photo where I can't possibly fathom what series of events might have caused this.


Reddit | Theobesehousecat

If there was some way to combine a flesh-and-bone hand with a marble hand, you might have a complete hand here.


Reddit | Kenndooo

When you see someone completely unlike yourself who's wearing the exact same outfit, you're kind of obligated to stop them for a pic.