15+ Crazy Coincidences That We Wouldn't Have Believed If We Weren't Seeing Them

"Pics or it didn't happen."

This is a motto of sorts in our always-online world. The idea is, since everybody has a camera on their person all the time, they should be able to produce pics of their wild stories.

Well, these people saw some weird coincidences...and they brought the receipts.

Good boy(s).

Reddit | rivibird

No big deal, just two guys who've parked their identical Volkswagen Jetta Cabrios next to each other so they can give their identical dogs some ice cream.

Mandela Effect!

Reddit | Rabidshaftbadger

You might remember it spelled "Berenstein Bears", but the official spelling has supposedly always been "Berenstain Bears". This is an example of the Mandela Effect.

I'm guessing this VHS only muddies the waters further.

That's not how you apple.

Reddit | ProjectKnives

If there's one thing I know about apples, it's that the stem comes out of the indented part on top. This apple doesn't play by my rules.

Nice rug.

Reddit | flatsixfan

This person has the exact same rug as one that can be found in a Call of Duty map. The only difference is that the real-life rug isn't located in a cave.

Super Saiyan.

Reddit | divinnity

If I told my friends that my cat channelled all the energy in the room into a rainbow explosion of pure light, they'd just tell me I was crazy.

Zebra glitch.

Reddit | JimFancyPants

I guess it stands to reason that not all zebras will have the exact same pattern, but there's clearly something weird going on with this one.

Dinner for one.

Reddit | kadafi17

It's almost eerie how much it looks like a couple dining together if you just look at the left-hand side of the image.

2D trees.

Reddit | Darkmesah

If you ever feel like you're living in some kind of simulation, seeing these trees with almost no body to them isn't going to help.


These two random fan pics of Keanu Reeves were taken three years apart but he was wearing the same shirt in both pics.

Bonus cat.

Reddit | Keeko122

I want to know more about this. Those cats look identical but are they so similar that even the owner can't tell them apart?


Reddit | bmorebuns

Apart from the high white socks, these two could be twins of each other. Maybe the camo shorts and bright red t-shirt look is popular this year.

Ancient golf ball.

Reddit | chris_kschmidt12

This tree revealed a golf ball wedged inside when it was cut down. Judging by the number of rings, that ball's been in there a long time.

Good luck piece.

Reddit | Marshal_Soult

This World War I pocket watch doesn't work anymore but there's good reason: It stopped a freakin' bullet in France back in 1914.


Reddit | tilltheend0ftime

This tree has been neatly stripped of all its bark by a lightning strike. It's wild how clean the whole thing is.

Cozy nest.

Reddit | rggv

Next time you're eating raspberries, just make sure that you're not inadvertantly eating a napping bee at the same time.

Invisible chair.

Reddit | CalbertCorpse

This guy probably had no idea when he chose his dress shirt that the very chair he'd sit on would try to upstage him.

Final destination.

Reddit | bgtwt

This will make for some expensive bodywork but it's always better to impale your car than yourself, I'd say.

The horror.

Reddit | Misterr_Carlos

This branch impalement takes things to another level. It's unbelievably lucky that the branch didn't go through the windshield.


Reddit | Z-man9

This guy got his shots and it looks like his tattoo got her shots in the exact same place.

Anyone missing a saw blade?

Reddit | azsheepdog

Looks like there's no real body damage, just a random saw blade that this car picked up at some point on its commute.