Man's Missing Wedding Ring Found Wrapped Around Fish

Losing things is never fun. Losing something important and sentimental is worse. But losing something sentimental in a place that makes it extremely difficult to retrieve? That just might be the worst.

That's what happened to this Australian couple, with one half losing their wedding ring only for it to be found stuck around the body of a fish. The chances were slim but they still managed it — it's almost impressive.

When Suzie Quintal and her husband Nathan Reeves were going for a swim one day, tragedy struck.

Unsplash | Denis Hay

Off the coast of Norfolk Island, where the couple was visiting family, the two had been enjoying the water when Reeves noticed his wedding ring was missing.

Luckily, they received help right away, and were able to locate the ring thanks to a local snorkeler.

Unluckily, the ring was found wrapped around the body of a fish.

The couple had already left, assuming it to be gone forever, but the manager of the Norfolk Island's Reef website, Susan Prior, tracked them down on Facebook and told them it was somewhat found.

The fish seems safe right now, but Prior described the sight of the ring stuck around it as 'gut wrenching' to Daily Mail Australia.

She explained that, "The metal can only be removed by catching the fish in a net and gently removing it. The fish seems to be OK so far but as it grows, the ring will cut into it."

People are joining forces to help though, with some offering scuba gear and sourcing nets.

"I just couldn't believe it. I've got a few friends on the island and they're pretty adamant that they'll find it," Quintal explained, "It doesn't worry my husband, he doesn't understand all the fuss. I'm just worried about the poor little fish."

There's a pretty good lesson to be had here: always take off wedding rings before you go swimming.

h/t: Daily Mail Australia