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To Break Tradition, A Bride Dyed Her Wedding Dress Black Before Her Wedding

Most young girls dream of walking down the aisle in a gorgeous all-white wedding dress.

After all, it's a traditional color with a rich history dating back centuries. The color white signifies perfection, innocence, purity, and virginity.

But not everyone wants to follow tradition. Case in point: this bride who dyed her wedding dress black before her wedding.

Buck tradition — some brides choose to march to the beat of their own drums on their wedding day.

This largely includes celebs. Instead of donning a traditional white wedding gown, we've been witness to many unusual but unique wedding dresses. Like when Kat Von D got married as a lady in red.

She gave fans some *major* Maleficent vibes by accessorizing her red dress by designer Adolfo Sanchez with red antlers.

Then, there's The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants star, Amber Tamblyn, who wore a yellow dress to her wedding and arrived to the ceremony barefoot in a canoe.

Pink has become a popular substitution for white.

Never one to be traditional, Gwen Stefani wore an ombré pink-and-white wedding dress for her 2002 wedding to Gavin Rossdale.

Kaley Cuoco followed suit in 2014 when she wed her now-ex Ryan Sweeting on New Year's Day.

Finally, we have black wedding dresses because who says you have to wear white?

Christine Quinn wore black for her wedding, which was featured on her show, Selling Sunset.

Her dress, which was custom-made by Galia Lahav, even featured a black veil to match her gothic winter wonderland theme.

It's not just the celebs who dare to be different on their wedding day.

Enter: Alyssa Hevern. She's a TikToker who dyed her white wedding dress black just three months before her wedding.

Since dying dresses black can be expensive, she did the entire process herself at home.

She did so using hot water, vinegar, and all-purpose dye.

She documented the entire process in a video, which has since been viewed more than 19 million times.

Alyssa told Insider that she had to dye the dress three times to get the right color. The first round, for instance, had a green tint.

In other videos, she shared step-by-step instructions for brides who want to also dye their wedding dress black.

One user was worried about the designer's reaction, but Alyssa reassured them that they loved it.

She has also shared her tips on DIY-ing other aspects of a wedding, such as wedding centerpieces and her wedding invites.

In another video, she shared why she chose to dye her $500 dress black.

"Black has always spoke volumes to me," she said in the video.

"I feel most confident when I wear it. I also do not believe that black symbolizes death or funerals, and I wholeheartedly believe anybody should be able to choose whatever color that they want to wear at their wedding."

"The idea of me wearing black is nothing new," Hevern continued.

"We had planned our entire ceremony and reception around the idea that I was wearing black. We chose a dark and moody theme with elegance." To add to this theme, the couple's wedding date is on Friday, August 13th.

The end result is sooo gorgeous!

As such, she's received so much support.

"WOOOWWW it looks amazing," wrote one user. "Normalize allowing brides to dye their wedding dress whatever the [expletive] they want without other people telling them how to feel about it on THEIR day," added another.

But the dress's biggest fan is definitely Alyssa herself.

It's exactly what she visioned. "I am absolutely in awe over the outcome of my dress, and I'm in love with every detail," she said.

"I feel it made my dress so much more than just a wedding dress," she added.

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