5+ Of Best TV Wedding Dresses (And 5+ Of The Worst)

Wedding dress inspiration is everywhere: Pinterest, bridal mags, and even your favorite TV shows.

There was Rachel Green's iconic dress on Friends and the gorgeous royal replica of Queen Elizabeth II's dress on The Crown.

But there have been some misses as well. Take Liz Lemon's Princess Leia wedding gown, for instance. Or Cristina Yang wearing red instead of white.

Take a trip down the aisle with this list of 5+ of the best TV wedding dresses and 5+ of the worst.

Worst: Aunt Becky in *Full House*


While her and Uncle Jesse's nuptials remain one of the most iconic TV nuptials to date, we could have done without this dress.

The '90s poofy, off-the-shoulder sleeves and huge headpiece just scream outdated.

Best: Pam Beesly in *The Office*


Pam could have gotten married to Jim in a paper bag and we'd still be happy. But we're glad that she chose a simple dress that matches her no-fuss personality.

Plus, it was perfect to hide her pregnant belly.

Worst: Leslie Knope in *Parks and Recreation*


While we loved Leslie's quirkiness, did she really have to bring that to her wedding day?

She had various things sewn together, including newspaper clippings about Leslie’s Harvest Festival victory and City Council win, campaign flyers, and portraits of her role models.

Best: Queen Elizabeth II in *The Crown*

With $37,000 of the show's $130 million budget going into the dress, it makes sense that it looks, well, like this.

The gown was actually an exact replica of the gown Queen Elizabeth wore to marry Prince Philip at Westminster Abbey in 1947.

Worst: Serena van der Woodsen in *Gossip Girl*


With a show that was so centered around fashion, it was a letdown that we didn't get to see Serena in a traditional white wedding dress.

Instead, she opted for this gold metallic number.

Best: Rachel Green in *Friends*

Joshua may never want to see that dress again, but we certainly do.

It's a traditional gown that would still look good today, just as it did in the '90s. But let's be real: Anything Jen Aniston wears looks good.

Worst: Sansa Stark in *Game of Thrones*


This brown-hued dress clearly matched how Sansa felt about her wedding to Tyrion: depressed.

And since it's so decorative, it looks like the dress was made from old curtains someone found somewhere. Maybe it was?

Best: Charlotte York in *Sex and the City*

For Charlotte's second wedding, her dress encompassed everything we love about her: her sophistication, exquisite taste, and attention to detail. That crossbody in the front is everything!

This paired perfectly with her dark curls and silk veil.

Worst: Robin Scherbatsky in *How I Met Your Mother*

There is just so much going on with this dress. No wonder her marriage to Barney didn't work out!

It looks like someone stitched five dresses together, and we want to take scissors to each.

Best: Mary, Queen of Scots in *Reign*

Dang, that's how you do a royal wedding look!

Everything about the look was fit for a queen. It even gives us Grace Kelly vibes, which is about the highest compliment any bride could get.

Worst: Cristina Yang in *Grey's Anatomy*

It's a good thing Cristina got married more than once since we are not down for this red gown.

While it's super sophisticated like her, it just didn't match the look of a woman getting married.

Best: Olivia Pope in *Scandal*


Her relationship to Fitz may not be our favorite, but this gown certainly is.

She went big with an off-the-shoulder gown, which featured a fitted bodice and full skirt. If you wanted to recreate the look, you can get it for only $4,500.

Worst: Liz Lemon in *30 Rock*


We're all for getting in touch with your inner geek, but do you have to do it on your wedding day?

If she's not into Star Wars 30 years down the line, she will seriously regret the Princess Leia getup.

Best: Rachel Zane in *Suits*

Is it bad that we kind of prefer this gown to the dress Meghan Markle wore to her royal wedding to Prince Harry?

The flowing gown with the floral detailing is just so very Meghan.

Worst: Izzie Stevens in *Grey's Anatomy*

Izzie's dress was clearly an omen: She had the wrong dress and the wrong man, as she and Alex's marriage was short-lived.

The line in the middle of the dress makes the whole thing look very disjointed.

Best: Lorelai Gilmore in *Gilmore Girls*

While we never got to see Lorelai Gilmore wear the "perfect dress" to marry Luke, we love it just the same.

It's fun and flirty, just like her, and features her love of flowers along the top.

Worst: Jessa Johansson in *Girls*


If she were attending a week's worth of Coachella events, then, sure, wear this dress. But for your wedding? It's a no from us, dawg.

Plus, the veil looks like she has a beekeeping event right after.

Best: Grace Adler in *Will & Grace*


Debra Messing rocked this striking corset number like no other.

The off-the-shoulder gown was fitted at the top, showing off her extremely toned arms (what's your secret, girl?). Then, the bottom was big, satin, and so flowy.

Worst: Monica Geller in *Friends*


This dress makes us long for Monica's first wedding gown that got taken away by that evil bride.

This is just too basic and leaves us wanting a lot more from someone who is so detailed.

Best: Emily Thorne in *Revenge*


What I like about Emily's dress is that it's a coming together of old-world elegance and modern chic.

Her off-white color palette and plunging neckline are daring choices that have paid off well — she looks angelic.

Worst: Kelly Kapowski in *Saved By The Bell*


This pains me to have to say it, considering Kelly Kapowski was my childhood crush and I never ever want to say a bad word about her.

However, that fold-over ribbon collar combined with those half-sleeves are beyond redemption.

Best: Topanga Lawrence in *Boy Meets World


Normally, I'm not a huge fan of wedding dresses with full lace sleeves but in the case of Topanga — they just work.

Her dress feels timeless and she exudes radiance while wearing it.

Worst: Susan Delfino in *Desperate Housewives*


I don't mean to be rude, but it looks as if Susan Delfino is about three seconds away from yelling "Toga! Toga! Toga!"

Is that a wedding dress or did Susan simply pin her bedsheet over her shoulder?

Best: Mary Morstan in *Sherlock*


Mary is one classy dame and her wedding dress is one of the greatest visual representations of her character.

She's unique and not one to conform to societal norms. The yellow and gold make her look like a princess.

Worst: Jane Villanueva in *Jane The Virgin*


I'm sorry, Jane, but as I mentioned earlier — half-sleeves just don't work.

Picture how much more beautiful Jane's dress could've been had she decided to simply nix the lace from the gown: simply stunning.

Best: Phoebe Buffay in *Friends*


Phoebe's dress couldn't be just your average run-of-the-mill white gown — how could it?

Her dress is just like her: classically beautiful and filled with odd quirks and quarks. The only thing that could have made it better is if she had had her guitar over her shoulder.

Worst: Lady Mary Crawley in *Downton Abbey*


I understand Downton Abbey is a period piece and hence the costumes reflect that, but let's be honest — this dress would be considered painfully plain regardless of what century a woman decided to wear it.

Best: Hilary Banks

I know that the shoulder pads are a little much and the veil is a tad extra, but other than that, Hilary's dress looks like it was pulled off the rack just the other day.

The choker around her neck, not so much.

Worst: Rayna Jaymes in *Nashville*


You've heard the old expression "too many cooks spoil the broth"? Well, Rayna's dress is the seamstress' equivalent.

It looks as if three different dressmakers were all working on it at different times/locations and then came together the night before the big day to sew the pieces together.

Best: Cece Parekh in *New Girl*


Cece said it herself: She wanted her dress to be a marriage of two cultures coming together.

I simply can't stop staring; her elegance and beauty are beyond comprehension. The only bad thing about this dress is that CeCe only got to wear it once.

Worst: Margaery Tyrell in *Game Of Thrones*


Margaery Tyrell's family is the second wealthiest in all of the Seven Kingdoms. Their signet is a rose and their words are "Growing Strong."

You're trying to tell me that this dusty old potato sack is the nicest garment they could find for her to wear on her wedding day?!

Best: Blair Waldorf in *Gossip Girl*


I was never a fan of Blair — I really wasn't. But even I can appreciate how jaw-droppingly gorgeous she looks in that dress.

It doesn't do anything to fix her broken personality but that's neither here nor there.

Best: Lady Rose Aldridge in *Downton Abbey*


Is it just me or does Lady Rose look a heck of a lot like Daisy Buchannon in The Great Gatsby?

She's absolutely shimmering, reminiscent of a 1920s movie star from the silent picture era.

Worst: Laura Calleros in *Empire*

The look on Laura's face says it all. It's almost as if you can hear the dress screaming "put me back on the rack!"

It looks like she bought a corset in the style of a wedding dress from the stag shop around the corner.

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