Mom Seeking Fulltime Babysitter Gets Roasted For Outrageous Job Description

Many parents sometimes look for outside help when it comes to their children. For busy moms and dads, getting a nanny or a babysitter when they need it is something that's pretty normal and common in society.

Typical responsibilities often include watching the kids when you're gone or helping out when you need it most. But, sometimes, parents get a bit crazy with their wants and needs.

One mom has made waves on Reddit after a post for a babysitter went viral on the site.

Unsplash | Ramin Talebi

The Reddit user saw the babysitter listing on a social media app and reposted it to the popular site, in awe that the mother could ask so much of someone for such low pay.

Many people on Reddit were also blown away, as well.

The mother wanted someone to watch her three kids for $160 a week, Monday-Friday from 7AM-6PM.


The kids ranged in age from 1 month to 3 years and, the mom wanted the babysitter to take the kids home with them too.

They additionally needed to do "pick up" and "drop off" off the kids at the mother's home. Clearly, this is a full-time job.

People online were "disgusted" at how little the mom was offering to pay.

Unsplash | Allen Taylor

Seeing as this is technically a full-time nanny/babysitting job, many people online were a bit shocked that the mother would offer such little money for such a big job.

"7am - 6pm is 11 hours a day, mon-fri, so 5 days a week (good luck with that right now sweetie). 11x5=55 hours a week. $160 divided by 55 is $2.909, so round it up to $2.91 an hour. Divide that by 3 = $0.97 per hour per child," one person said.

Others pointed out some very scary realities.

Some people pointed out that if someone was even willing to do that much work for the salary offer, that it was shady and suspect.

"If someone is willing to do that much work for that little pay my first thought is they want easy access to kids," one person wrote in the comments.


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