A Mom Came Up With A Clever Shopping Cart Hack To Keep Her Kids Safe

The world we're living in grows more dangerous by the day. Now more than ever before, people are being forced to take proactive measures in order to protect themselves and their families.

One TikTok user named Ashley Bryant understands this fact all too well. In order to help her fellow moms, she's come up with a clever shopping cart hack to help keep her and her kids safe.

Parenthood is hard enough as it is.

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Between raising them to be good people, potty training them, and dealing with their strange eating habits, it is not an easy job.

Especially when it comes to their safety.

For example, did you know that the color of your child's bathing suit can keep them safe?

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A study from ALIVE Solutions Inc. proved as much.

They tested different swimsuit colors to determine their visibility in pools and open water.

The study pointed out that darker colors can be unsafe.

Your eyes might not even notice them because darker colors can be mistaken for things rather than a person.

So, the brighter the color, the better and safer your child is.

This is just one of the many things that parents have to deal with when it comes to their children.

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And just as important as keeping your kids safe in a pool or in the ocean is keeping them safe in public spaces.

Because now, more than ever, personal safety is an utmost concern for the majority of people.

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Since the beginning of the pandemic, carjackings and automobile thefts have gone through the roof.

In the city of Minneapolis alone, car thefts have increased a staggering 53% since 2019.

This trend has caused parents across the country to become increasingly more diligent.

It's what compelled TikTok user ashypoomix to upload a video of her recent trip to Target.

Throughout the video, Ashley explains the best way to position yourself so that you can look to avoid a potential attack.

She says the first thing to do is to open the car door that your child is getting into.

The door will work to create a barrier. What you'll then want to do is position the cart so that it's blocking off your adjacent side.

Ideally, you want to be in between the open door and the cart.

Ashley explains that someone who is attempting to rob you won't risk breaking these barriers.

She goes on to reason that by attempting to do so, the carjacker would draw too much unnecessary attention to themselves.

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