People Can't Get Enough Of These Designs From A Tattoo Artist Who Has No Artistic Talent

Most people choose a tattoo artist who is very skilled at their craft. After all, it's not easy to translate a drawing into an actual tattoo. There is so much involved in creating a masterful design.

So, I was surprised when I heard about a different kind of artist. This lady creates tattoos that defy the standard of most creators out there. And yet, she's massively popular. Let's find out why.

Helena Fernandez is not your typical tattoo artist, and that's putting it mildly.

The type of designs she creates aren't perfectly symmetrical or even make sense, ha, ha! But, that's what sets her apart. She does what she does and doesn't apologize for it.

Helena calls her designs "tatuagens peba," which basically stands for "trash tattoos."

Now, when you look at her work, you'll understand why. Her designs look like they've been badly drawn — and that is what sets her apart from other artists.

You see, Helena didn't exactly start as a tattoo artist.

She actually earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering. At first, she started doodling designs for her friends’ t-shirts, bags, mugs, and other accessories. Then, she ventured into comic books and magazines.

Then, a friend of hers asked her to do a tattoo on him.

Her other friends loved it so much they wanted tattoos, too. Little by little, she started tattooing other people. Everybody liked the designs so much that Helena opened up her own tattoo shop.

Even though her creations may look messy and a little bit crazy, I assure you, Helena does take her work seriously.

She just doesn't subscribe to the same aesthetic as other people. The motive behind Helena's designs is to make people feel happy-go-lucky.

She's the proof that not every tattoo needs to be super realistic.

Sometimes an imperfect design can bring joy to people. I believe that's exactly the type of clients Helena's work attracts. They're the types who don't take themselves too seriously.

As it turns out, Helena's unique tattoos are now beloved around the world.

I guess more people have a great sense of humor, huh? You can follow Helena and her wild creations on her Instagram account @malfeitona, which translates to "badly done" in English.

Even other tattoo artists have been supportive of Helena's endeavors.

Their tips helped her learn new skills and further her tattooing. She was then able to open her own shop. Now, she gets to travel from time to time to tattoo people in other areas.

So let me ask you: Is Helena your type of tattoo artist?

Would you get one of her designs tattoed on your body? Hmm, I have to admit some of the characters she creates are pretty humorous. I would consider getting a tattoo of hers.