11+ Creative Tattoo Designs That Included People's Birthmarks And Scars

Many people end up with birthmarks or scars. Some of them proudly display them as they are, while others think of creative ways to showcase them. Which one are you?

If you're the type who loves creativity, I bet you'll dig these. These folks incorporated their birthmarks and scars into the most interesting tattoo concepts. Let me know which one you like the best.

1. This UFO Tattoo

Beam me up, Scotty. Ha, ha! What a rad tattoo concept, huh? I would never have thought of doing something like this. I bet this person is more than happy to show off their new tattoo to everybody they know.

2. This Fish Tattoo

I have a scar on my calf that I've always wanted to turn into a tattoo. It's long like this one, so I'm really intrigued by this fish tattoo idea here. Perhaps I could get one as well.

3. This Flower Tattoo

Sometimes people go through things in life they no longer want to remember. This cover-up scar tattoo is one way to move on and replace something painful with something beautiful. I really like this flower tattoo here.

4. This Birthmark Tattoo

Wow, what a cool way to incorporate an unusual birthmark into a super rad tattoo, huh? I would never have even realized that this was a birthmark unless somebody told me. That is the power of a well-conceptualized tattoo idea.

5. This Feather Cover-Up

It can't be easy for a tattoo artist to work with scarred tissue. However, a talented tattooist can definitely handle such a situation. I don't think I could ever tell this was once a scar. How about you?

6. This Pretty Rose

Check out how even a small birthmark can become a pretty rose tattoo. I bet this lady is a lot less self-conscious about her birthmark now. Instead, I'll bet she's happy to show this tattoo off.

7. This Happy Face

When all else fails, just smile. I think that's a good attitude to have, no? I feel this way when I look at this person's happy tattoo here. I can imagine it brings a smile to many people's faces now.

8. These Paws

Oh my goodness, what an adorable way to incorporate a birthmark into a tattoo design. These paws are so cute, no? I think this is such a neat idea. Would you get something like this done? I want to know.

9. This Cool Scenery

I bet this person didn't think their tattoo can become something as cool as this. But, alas, a great tattoo artist can make miracles happen. I think this tattoo is the perfect example of that.

10. This Neck Tattoo

Oh wow, how different is this neck tattoo? I love how the tattoo artist incorporated the existing scar into this zipper tattoo idea. It's such an interesting and unique concept. Even though this is simple, it still packs a punch in the creativity department.

11. This Sea Turtle

Have I told you that I once had a turtle? So I have such a special place in my heart for those cool creatures. I love how the birthmark became such an artistic version of a turtle here.

12. This Space Walk

It's not easy to deal with a noticeable birthmark, especially one on somebody's arm. I'm really impressed with the concept the tattoo artist came up with here. It's like a fun little scene that's unfolding on this person's arm now. Am I right?

13. This Tree Tattoo

I don't know what it is, but I'm pretty fascinated with trees. So, when I saw this super cool tattoo that incorporates a scar as a tree trunk, I was absolutely blown away. Isn't it so amazing?

14. This Stomach Tattoo

I admit, having a tattoo on your stomach is a bit unusual. Not only is this a very delicate area, but it's hard to find a suitable design. However, nothing is impossible, and I love this tattoo here.

15. This Arm Piece

I've always been fascinated by interesting tattoo arm pieces. It's not exactly my kind of tattoo, but I love to see beautiful designs on others. This one is no exception, and it covers the scars so well.

16. This Beautiful Work Of Art

It can't be easy to hide a very visible scar on the arm. It can stick out like a sore thumb. However, even if you can't cover it all up, you can definitely pretty it up.

17. This Flower Piece

Self-harm scars can be hard to forget. So I don't blame this lady for opting to get these awesome leg tattoos. She put her daughter's birth month flowers on one leg, and her husband's on the other.

18. This Cosmic Tattoo

How do you turn a birthmark into a work of art? This is how you do it. Honestly, I would get this gorgeous tattoo even if I didn't have a scar to cover up. How about you?

19. This Spilled Wine

No need to worry about some spilled wine here. After all, this is only a tattoo. I can't imagine dealing with a scar of this size, but now it's definitely a better conversation piece. It's fun to look at too.

20. This Simple Design

This pretty lady had to deal with people pointing out the scar on her arm for 27 years. At least now she can point to something way cooler than that. Isn't this such a cute design?

21. This Unique Birthmark African Map

If you could shape a birthmark into anything you want, what would it be? This lady picked the African map. I think it looks quite beautiful on her skin. Do you agree with me?

22. This Koi Fish

This gentleman had some burn scars he wanted to cover up. So he opted for this simple yet stunning koi fish tattoo. I love how the tattoo artist stuck to only one color. That's pretty unique, huh?

Wow, I'm really impressed by all these interesting ideas to incorporate scars and birthmarks into tattoo design.

Unsplash | Allef Vinicius

It's giving me some great inspiration to one day work with my existing scar. Have you done something like this on your skin?