Apparently, We Were Supposed To Dip The Markers That Came In '90s Art Kits In Water First

I just want to say, from the bottom of my heart: I feel so lied to right now.

One TikTok user had a deeply important realization about those art kits we used to get as kids. And that realization shook every single person who saw it, to the point that experiments broke out across TikTok. Let's find out what happened.

Here's how all the drama started.

TikTok user @drakethemfsnake made a video of themselves coming to the realization that our childhoods may have been a lie. Trust me when I say people lost their minds at this TikTok.

Alright, let's test it.

Seeing that box just takes me back, man. The crayons, pencil crayons, and the watercolors were all perfectly fine, but those markers, man. Those crappy markers.

I can hear that writing.

It sounds like nails on a chalkboard, doesn't it? I remember pushing down as hard as possible on that thing. Like, the tip would crumble all over the page.

Well, water it is.

User @sesitodorito decided to put it in water. She didn't let it sit, which was a mistake I would definitely make. Anyway, I think we all know where this is going.

It worked?

Here's the thing. That looks absolutely beautiful, right? It actually works. It's smooth, pigmented, and flawless. BUT IS IT THE SAME MARKER? I'm starting to have doubts.

Some people duetted the TikTok with their truths.

Hi. Yes. I absolutely did this. It tasted awful. It barely worked. It actually made the tip of the marker crumble faster, if anything.

I can't believe how many levels in my brain this TikTok unlocked.

Some people came in with some CRUCIAL questions.

I remember this! I remember dipping them in water for a bit and losing what little pigment the markers had. So, how could this hack possibly work?

Other people tried it.

I'm sure @sestitodorito's kit was old as well, right? Minty here's old marker didn't reactivate, so now I'm starting to think I've been lied to TWICE today. Not cool, TikTok.

So...which is it?

Is it that some of them were so low quality that they were never going to work, no matter what you did to them? Or did we not know how they worked at all? I'M SO CONFUSED STILL.

Anyway, feel free to watch the TikTok here and come to your own conclusions: