Hello '90s — Gen Z Is Bringing Inflatable Furniture Back

There's nothing Gen Z loves more than '90s and '00s style. From platform shoes, to plastic chokers, to flared jeans, they're bringing all the "vintage" vibes back.

As an elder millennial, I can't help but love their enthusiasm for the styles that dominated my formative years. Don't get me wrong, I'm baffled by it. And I don't get some of it. But it's also pretty damn cool.

Transparent everything was THE style of the late '90s.

Unsplash | Markus Winkler

See, everything we had back then was transparent. Our GameBoys, our iMacs, our jelly shoes, our furniture — everything was see-through, and everything was candy-colored. I don't know why, but god was it cool.

One TikTok user brought back a forgotten relic of that bygone time.

INFLATABLE FURNITURE! I hadn't seen a piece of blow up, transparent furniture in years before I saw this TikTok. Purchased by @itstahnee, this hot pink, inflatable couch became a smash hit on TikTok.

Over a million people saw her put together her new couch.

Well, I say "put together." She unfolded it and inflated it, which is a level of ease that (probably) has Ikea quaking. Step it up, Sweden.

Honestly, it was super cute.

I'm sure these were this cute back in the day, but there's something about seeing this couch now that has me wanting one really, really badly — way more than I ever did as a kid.

Commenters had some hilarious thoughts on the couch.

And this right here is why I cannot buy that couch, despite wanting it more than I've wanted anything in at least a week. My cat would pop that thing quicker than balloon against a popcorn ceiling.

Some commenters were DISRESPECTFUL.

Yes, IN THE '90S. Some of us are old, Renee! Some of us remember J-14 magazine, Spice Girls dolls, and VHS tapes! Some of us definitely don't miss those things, but still. God, I'm old now.

See, back in my day, these things were pretty easy to get.

I also got blow up furniture for free inside a magazine, which is a very weird memory to have unlocked by a TikTok comment. The internet is a wild place.

And they sure didn't cost $96.

Because yeah, did I mention? It's $96 on Amazon. I remember being able to throw a rock and find one of these for cheap at the dollar store. Nostalgia is expensive these days.

Tahnee got the last laugh.

See, while we were all busy recalling our childhoods and thinking about $96 furniture, she was having a whole '90s themed birthday party. Happy birthday, queen! Love your style!