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Parents Are Divided Over One Mom's Controversial Dishwasher Snack Hack

TikTok has become a hub for parenting hacks.

You can feel less alone about your messy home from users like this one and try out these life hacks to give you more time of your hands.

But not every hack in a home run. This was more than evident when one mom introduced her dishwasher snack hack on the app to a very mixed reaction.

Parenting is one of the hardest jobs in the world.

Between your kids yelling at the top of your lungs, people giving their unsolicited opinions, and the lack of sleep or food, it can get pretty tiresome.

Obviously, kids make it worth it in the end, but still...

The point is: parenting is NOT easy.

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There are constantly new rules to follow, which is ironic considering the fact that there isn't a rulebook in the first place.

Mostly, parents are just trying to do their best. Thankfully, TikTok has got you covered.

There are plenty of insights to gain from the popular video-sharing app.

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Things like how to potty train, putting together healthy lunches, and diaper hacks.

Some hacks, however, are pretty controversial. Take this stroller hack, for example.

TikTok couple,@livenfamily, thought they had solved keeping babies entertained during grocery shopping with their stroller from Japan.

It comes with innovative features, such as vents so you can place a blanket on top safely.

"Everyone always asks where we got our son's stroller," they began.

But some out-of-the-box features weren't a hit with the internet.

And they soon let the family know that.

Instead of applauding the parents for their innovative stroller, some TikTok users wrote that it was "lazy."

Many also criticized their son's tablet watching.

"Or you could let him watch the world around him and interact with him… helping his growth and development," one user commented.

As you can see, it did not exactly go over well.

Another controversial parenting hack on TikTok comes from Alice Bender.

She's a 22-year-old vegan mom who regularly stirs up controversy with her unorthodox parenting tactics.

Most recently, she shared that she lets her baby stick anything he wants into his mouth, including sticks, rocks, dirt, sand, and unsanitized shopping carts.

The reason why? It boosts his immune system.

"I do not fear bacteria. In fact, I welcome it. I trust nature and my baby," she said.

While science does prove this is true, she's forgetting that bad bacteria exist, as well as choking hazards. The internet soon let her have it.

"my dog does that exact same thing," one wrote. "When you have to take your baby to the ER and they find rocks and sticks stuck in it's body," added another.

Others pointed out the risk of parasites. "So parasites aren't real?" one person asked. "Might as well let it drink toilet water," added another.

The latest TikTok mom to stir up controversy is user, @queenjahra.

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She's a mom of two who recently introduced users to her insane dishwasher snack hack.

See, while most of us use our dishwashers to clean our dirty dishes, this mom uses hers to hide snacks from her kids!

"And the kids STILL don’t know!!!!” she wrote on the video. She pulled out her dishwasher racks to reveal not dirty dishes but rows and rows of yummy snacks!

This included bags of chips, brownies, cookies, and Kool-Aid drinks.

While you might assume the snacks are all for her, it's actually the contrary.

"I don’t eat any of it. It’s the kids’ snacks. I’m just here for portion control," she wrote.

When someone asked how she does her dishes, she replied, “Hot water, Dawn, and bleach!” She even posted a snarky follow-up video showing how she does exactly that.

The reactions were pretty mixed. Some users applauded the mom for her brilliant idea.

“This is a level of mom code cracking that is genius!” wrote one user.

"I NEVER use my dishwasher and I never thought about doung this!! Genius!! Now I know where to hide the good snacks!!" added another with laughing emojis.

However, the majority of users weren't ready to part ways with their dishwasher.

“All fun and games until the dishwasher accidentally gets turned on…” warned one user. "That's cool but the only thing I love more than snacks is not having to hand wash dishes," added another.

Where do you stand on this hack?

Do you think it's brilliant, or do you think it's unsafe?

Either way, let us know down below in the comment section. We would absolutely love to hear from you!

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